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I would love to see a Para 2 in ZDP next year, if i dont buy the rike 1507.
I know a major knife junky at the warehouse where i work. he has like 6 different Spyderco in dragonfly's and smaller all in different specialty steals. HAP40, 204p, super blue, s35n, ZDP, s110v, some other small knife in D2. he spend about half an hour a night breaking down cardboard and after a few months of rotating knife to knife ZDP is by far his overall favorite. can hold an edge for a few days and stay shaving sharp. D2 he said could make it 2 days but he didn't love it. all the others he said he needed to touch up every night (he does really like sharpening though). probably the BEST steal on the market for cutting cardboard, however use caution around staples or brads.
I had a cold steel tuff lite in aus-8 before, It would get dull after 1 refrigerator sized box and i would be looking for a disposable razor. I have a manbug in ZDP now and i couldnt be happier.
for those of you who dont know. cardboard is probably the best why to un-sharpen a good edge, it really generates a ton of wear.
I'd love to see a ZDP Delica with (not Earth brown) G10 scales! AKA I'm a bit to lazy/cheap to get an FRN one and convert it :-\
Rockstead. Rockstead folder all the way.
I removed the two specific entries, but for some reason they came back when I submitted it... That's really irritating...
I've deleted the ones that you flagged. Thanks!