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LEGO Architecture Fallingwater (21005)
267 votes
Millennium Falcon
236 votes
LEGO Architecture Studio
191 votes
Empire State Building
103 votes
Ghostbusters ECTO-1
70 votes
Sydney Opera House
58 votes
Death Star
49 votes
by T1T2
46 votes
X-Wing Starfight - Red Five
by Lee
45 votes
Tower Bridge
37 votes
The Tower of Orthanc
27 votes
LEGO Architecture United Nations Headquarters
26 votes
The DeLorean time machine
26 votes
Lego Batman Tumbler
by Jim9
24 votes
Shield Helicarrier
15 votes
Volkswagen T1 Camper Van
13 votes
Robie House
11 votes
Lego Seattle Space Needle
9 votes
Mobile Crane MK II
9 votes
Trevi Fountain
8 votes
Palace Cinema
8 votes
Mini Cooper
6 votes
4 votes
Farnsworth House
3 votes
Metallica Master Of Puppets 25 Pc Heavy Metal Rock Band Lego Hands
by a community member
2 votes
Kwik-E Mart
by a community member
2 votes
Slave I
by a community member
0 votes