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Now Available!

Thanks to Mark for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Aurifil Thread Collection Neutrals available.

HeatherDrop Buyer

Aurifil Thread Collection Neutrals

Aurifil Thread Collection Neutrals

Mark Lipinski - The Basics Collection - 12 Amazing Colors - 50wt
by Mark
91 votes
29 votes
Color Me Happy Large Aurifil Thread Box
25 votes
Mark Lipinski Ultra Box
23 votes
Botanics Collection of Aurifil Thread
18 votes
Big City Large Aurifil Thread Box - Sara Lawson
10 votes
Valori Wells Large Aurifil Thread BoxValori Wells
by Mark
9 votes
Gleeful Large Aurifil Thread Box Sew Caroline
by Mark
6 votes
Autumn Colors by Sheena Norquay
2 votes