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Now Available!

Thanks to Winhaharawr for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Solid Gray Backpack available.

KunalDrop Buyer

Solid Gray Backpack

Solid Gray Backpack

Hey guys,
Good news! We have just launched the Solid Grey Backpack.
Check it out here:
Can I vote for all of these :)
any updates? im pretty interested in having a backpack like this
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niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee will i be able to buy it in white
can you give us a date
I would ROFL if the Walmart bag dropped XD. This Poll has some funny Choices
there was a poll for cars and the #1 choice was the one i added. legs
how many comments are needed to drop the backpack
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any news yet :)))))))))))))))))))))))
Yeah, any news yet? Also are there any other backpacks you're looking into dropping?
is the joke that you would look better carrying around a walmart bag than one of those solid gray packs
+1 for T.H.E. Pack. I have two and love them. They might be a little large for primary school, but they are perfect for those huge college textbooks. Get the Multicam for +5 Mall Ninja points. ;)
I would buy all day if under $100 with free shipping.
for 100 id buy em all and sell em on e bay :))
I just add the Velt VE003B. You don't need to sell one one kidney to get one ($99). I like it, it looks like a master-piece backpack
looks dumb and is in the worst color ever that padogolan turtle thing looks cool but smaller than the solid gray
so any news. low shipping is still great
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i like option 2 seeing as it doesn't really pour here as long as you can choose to have a white backpack.
i bet if you put it in the email people would buy it
any chance for the isar?
Hey guys,
We are taking another option into consideration.
There is a possibility that we can subsidize the shipping but the lowest drop would still be the retail price. This would only be available on the backpack (no rain cover, etc.) and would definitely be a savings for the community.
What do you guys think?
how low would it be. im diying to get one of those solid grays for sub 100 bucks. what if they sold 2 for retail price
any chance for the cote et ciel bags then? they are the 2nd most popular choice afterall.
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I think the point of the durability of the bag. What @jackdalisa is saying is right. It won't open until you drop it from trees and more importantly won't break.
at worst you will be hitting it against a door frame not 5 trees and a 170lbs guy reenacting star-fox 64.
I'd buy one. These are the backpacks from the future!
i will buy one. i fell in love
Cool, thanks. More posts here would help.
Hey guys,
Thanks for voting.
Solid Gray wants to work with the community. However, they cannot sell the bag below the retail price. They want the community to understand why that's the case and also provide a possible alternative to all of you.
Solid Gray has to maintain the retail price because of an agreement they have with their selected partners and they are trying to build durable relations with them.
They can see that there is tremendous interest in the community for their backpacks and they want to do something special. They are offering the community a special "Massdrop Package", which would be a premium edition backpack. The backpack would come with a choice of straps in six colors, a logo sticker option in six colors, and a black rain cover to protect the backpack during heavy down pour. All these options and the backpack would be made available at the retail price of the backpack.
They'd love to hear what you all have to say here in the discussion. If this is something that the community would be interested in, Solid Gray would be happy to work on this special project.
What would be the pricing in USD then?
Website says 140 euros so would we just pay the converted amount in USD for the premium bag?
Yup, it'll be the converted amount in USD
That Tom Bihn Synapse backpack seems to be pretty popular online. Lots of great reviews.
guys vote for walmart bag its the best bag ive ever used
Thanks for voting guys!
We've contacted Solid Gray and will update you when there's a change in status.
The design of the Solid Gray backpacks is really nice, but it looks uncomfortable. I proposed the Tessel one.
Those Solid Grey things look fuckin retarded
I love this! Black one..
isar rucksack look amazing
I actually saw a guy with one of these a couple days ago. This was before I knew what the bag was and I wasn't sure what I was looking at. It looked like a convertible messenger bag, but after looking it up, wow. Didn't realise how much stuff the bag could fit until I saw this video. Not sure if we're allowed to link videos, but here you go.
everyone wearing one looks like a turtle
Do want. The white on white though. Damnit people stop being so hateful against the whites.
It looks amazing. I don't know how good of a backpack it would be though.
Why would you want one?!
What backpacks are these? I'd like to look them up, but I can't with just a color.
They link directly to the product page if you click on a specific selection.
lol the brand is called solid grey XD :D weird huh..