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Now Available!

Thanks to Winzzy for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Chrome Soyuz Laptop Bag available.

Chrome Soyuz Laptop Bag

Chrome Soyuz Laptop Bag

I would totally go for a GoRuck GR1. How come GoRuck was unwilling to participate?
Can we please get some GoRucks and / or Chrome Barrages come up?
Any chance we can get a drop on the Chrome Bravo Night? Very awesome backpack and I'm in the market for an awesome backpack to replace my shoulder bag.
Kinda want a Herchel Little America. Any news from them? I've added
Hi Everyone,
We've sent Herschel many messages without response and we'd like your opinion on some other possibilities.
We're still talking to a variety of other backpack manufacturers but we're always interested in more options from you.
Looking forward to your suggestions!
Anything but Herschel. Has anyone actually tried one of these things? They're all style and no function. Horribly uncomfortable with any sort of load.
Timbuk2 is probably the best bet for contact and discount. They're a large company and make quality bags. Mission Workshop could be an option and the bags are hand made in the US.
Like Tracer said. A Timbuk2 bag would be an easy sell for me.
Hello Everyone!
We're in contact with every manufacturer featured in this poll, some are interested, some not so much. We're still working with them on the details but hopefully we'll be able to get a buy going sooner than later.
Just to let you know, we wont be able to list GoRuck's bags or Jansport bags but we've reached out to Herschel and Chrome so hopefully we'll be able to list something sooner than later.
Thanks for your votes and patience so far!
For the brands you cannot list, is that because they declined?
In this case yes, sometimes we cant list because the prices wouldn't make for a worthwhile Massdrop but in this case it's because they declined.
Some companies decline because they're worried about price sensitivity, some have policies like only selling to brick and mortar stores, some don't have the stock to support large orders like ours, and some are afraid of trying a new sales channel like Massdrop.
It's a big inconvenience right now but it's all solved with scale. If you change the way you buy things, they'll change the way they sell things.
I am posting this again since the other backpack thread says "Launched".<br /><br />Goruck group discount!<br /><br /><br /><br />Do you have group discounts?<br />Absolutely. If you have a group of five or more, we’re happy to offer a discount rate. Just shoot us an email and we’ll get you set up.
I added the Goruck GR2 since the Goruck GR1 was also listed.
Any news on Herschel?
I just added a great pack from Osprey, be sure to check it out!
Any news from manufacturers?
Hi! Any news from any of the manufacturers?
Hi everyone! Quick update, we've contacted Everlane and sadly they are not interested in working with the group. Right now we're talking with Jan Sport and we're contacting every other manufacturer in the poll as well. Hopefully I'll have some better news soon : )
I like the winning choice of the Everlane Snape Backpack, but the Sand color would be much better and its not sold out.