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If you want a Benchmade, and perhaps a 'deal' check out AG Russell.
I would love to see the new Benchmade 535 Bugout knife added. It's a lightweight folder perfect for backpacking.
I'm closing this poll, but not forgetting about it. Benchmade told us that they would list as soon as we had a brick and mortar location, so if at any point in the future we have such a thing, I will be sure to go talk to Benchmade and get them listed.
If you really need a quality knife, I wouldn't wait for group buys! Benchmade is probably the finest in the business so if need is a concern I would acquire one straight away! ;)
So, I've been calling Benchmade once a week since I said I would take an interest in this poll. I've tried everything, but they are dead set against selling to us UNLESS we open a physical store.
They're completely fine with us selling 100% of the knives on Massdrop, provided we have a physical store to show them off in. They care very deeply about people having the option to check out their knives in person, and at this time we can't list for this reason.
I'll keep trying, but if you really need a quality knife, I wouldn't wait for Benchmade. We will have some other awesome knives coming out soon, so keep checking the site.
I bought a 940 around 5 years ago, we've been through hell and back together and it's still holding up great. For the right price I'll probably buy a spare in case something ever happens to my current one.
even if that's the case little communication would go a long way
The 580 Barrage for sure. Not a fan of tanto blades. I own 2 580s already, love them.
Are we ever going to see a drop on these? Over 600 votes now and nothing
I would be really interested in a Benchmade 940
Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I'm working on this poll and I should have an answer for you all on what's going to happen in the near future. I'll post updates as soon as I have more information.
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As of now we're at 840+ votes and the last response from massdrop was over 2 months ago. What is with the delay?
Benchmade doesnt even allow dealers to sell their knives at lower than MSRP, or at least they don't allow dealers to advertise prices below MSRP.
That's likely the reason why this Massdrop is stalled... Benchmade isnt interested in giving discounts.
I own a black coated combo edge 943 and it is an incredibly sexy knife
Go, go Contigo!
Why does this not have a response at 350 votes? offered the Benchmade 810SBK Contego for $135.50 earlier this year in January. It seems like most places online are selling it now for about $178 =(
I have had my Benchmade 707 for about 8 years and it is still razor sharp and hasn't lost any of the matte coloring.
Benchmade 810 Contego Black Blade... If its 170usd I'll get it. Many places selling them for 178 - 160usd
About a year ago had the BENCHMADE 810BK CONTEGO for about $135USD, so I know detailer price is much lower. I contacted GP Knives and they said that Benchmade raised their MSRP so they need to be consistent with all other retailers. Amazon price on this knive is $178USD with Free S&H. Tactical Distributors has it for $174. I hope there is a MassDrop for this item.
why benchmade? just a curious question.
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Notwithstanding they make some of the best pocket knives out there, they are also American made.
Benchmade, made in USA sells some of the highest quality production knives out there with tight tolerances, excellent lockup and minimal side-to-side blade movement. The axis lock they use on many of their folders is rock solid and easy for one-handed use and is completely ambidextrous.