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Hi Everyone,
K812 is easy to drive, top tier, and live right now.
I'd like to list the HD800 but Senn hasn't come to any conclusions about working with the Massdrop community. Audeze never has stock available, the M50x is backordered for months, and we just ran the TH-900.
We appreciate your votes and you should always know we're trying to source every top choice, but sourcing can take weeks or months and we want to provide products in the most timely manner possible.
If you want any more specific details, feel free to email me: and I'll provide all the info I can.
Keep this train rolling,
I'd love to see a pair of Grados drop, but I reckon that'll be a tough one. Please, no more ATH-M50 cans of any variety. They drop all the time, but they're really overrated.
AKG K812 is a great headphone that are not too bad to drive. Although improve with amping, and has been dropped before.
I was promised that the 800, high end STAX, AUDEZE would never be dropped.
I would actually love to see if they got something that was reasonable from this list. Looking to get a good deal on something like the Vmoda m100s or Grado SR325i as a fun easy to drive portable headphone and the m50x as a more studio style with removable cable.
Especially if they could offer the accessories that are common with each of these such as alternate pads.
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Give it time, they could be working on it. Manufacturers sometimes have their own agenda that doesn't quite align with Massdrop. Move enough ATH-M50s and I'm sure Audio Technica will be more open-minded to doing an M50X drop.
If Massdrop had the power to give everyone the drops they wanted, they would do it. But if the company that owns the product wants nothing to do with them, or doesn't want to share a certain product, well... dilemma.
Yeah, from what I've heard they have to go through some less than amazing sources. I just read the whole thing about them taking away warranty on the vmoda m100 drop (well, their supplier) I stopped caring about the m50 of any sorts, and vmoda won't honor any warranty from stuff purchased here because the serial #s get taken off -_-
I would still like to see some grados here though. Would you guys rather see the sr225i, sr325is or higher? Personally I think 225i is the sweet spot for price/performance. Wouldn't mind a pair of the slightly different alessandros either
Some people in this do NOT know what kind of power is needed to drive some of these. An easy to drive planar magnetic? Not so much. DT770/M4U-1/M50-X...I need me some portables!
This is probably one of the sillier Massdrop polls I've seen. No wonder a rep hasn't responded yet. Of all the headphone polls that inundate this website, this one appears to be the most schizophrenic. It's basically turned into "add your favorite headphone," not "best over-ear headphones that are easy to drive." Not that "best" was ever objective, to begin with.
There are so many here that is just not easy to drive at all... Audeze, HD800, HD650, Stax 007... Just to name a few.
This list is getting a little silly - spammed full of planars/static/etc.....sad end - and I'd go for the Viso HP50 too
I added the v-moda xs....on ear rather than over the ear but a lot easier to drive than some of the ones listed and a discount could be pretty likely for a large order with a company like that I feel.
Yeah I own the Crossfade LP's myself. They are great and very easy to drive. Back when I got them amazon had an overstock of them and I picked them up for only 70 dollars.
Why are you even voting on headphones that aren't even easy to drive. Who the hell is even going to buy the HD800's?
Whoever put the Stax SR-007 MKII on hear obviously doesn't know what easy to drive means. LOL
AKG K812. They're only 36 ohms and are summit-fi
ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. would call them hifi
The HD-800's aren't even easy to drive WTF.
Starting to wish I could vote for multiple headphones. A lot of these aren't easy to drive, though. Audeze? HiFiMAN? Beyerdynamic DT 880/990? Sennheiser HD 800? I'd hate to know what some of these people are amping. Probably an LRAD.
If you want easy to drive over the ear, can't beat Final Audio Pandora Hope VI. Comfort may be an issue, however.
please please B&W P7
Very few of these are easy to drive. Anything over 32 ohm is not considered easy to drive. These look more like a wishlist of headphones by people who have not heard the headphone they voted for and just regurgitated a sentiment from headfi. Additionally, I think easy to drive would be needed for to portable use and a lot of these cans are not closed or portable. Way too many votes for TOTL hp's that they won't back :-(
dunno y the LCD-XC | Audeze are winning the in the votes. they cost $1.7k no ones going to back it. would love to see some of the others win. would love to get a cheap set of sennheiser hd8's or some of the other options on there
I guess I got caught up on syntax, in a broader definition, hd800 are hard to drive in that they need high quality, refined equipment ($$$) to sound good. I just don't think lots of power is needed, maybe some portables or usb powered devices might be in trouble but beyond that its refinement or synergy more than power that matters.
Almost nobody has heard the he560 or pm1, lcd-x is still pretty fresh and not many have heard, has a bit of hype train going on but it's probably still a good choice for most people. Th900 are easy to drive but have too much bass for me. Hd800 are not so much hard to drive as they are revealing of bad equipment (yes they need an amp); audeze are more forgiving.
HD800 relies on amp synergy. It is very picky in that regard. Combining with its 300ohms impedance makes it hard to drive.
Completely agree, took awhile for me find an amp to really bring out the HD800, the Questyle CMA800 that Massdrop recently featured is one such amp. Also like them on the Bryston BHA-1. Tried them with a Schiit Lyr and a Burson Audio Soloist, Soloist almost hit it but not as well as the other two amps. So yes, agreed, the HD800 is very much amp dependent to sound great.
I'd be in for some HiFI 560's. I've got a friend with a review sample and they sound great. I was tempted by the T1's but my recent alpha dog purchase mad me put the breaks on lol.
Perhaps we should thing about adding the news Oppo PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones as well as the HIFIMAN HE-560's to the poll? With both being the newest and hottest headphones, they may not be available, but who knows in three-six months from now.
From what I have understood, Audeze wasn't or isn't willing to partake in any sort of drop/group buy. And it's a damn shame.
Definitely go with the Audeze LCD-X. They are open and in my opinion the best sounding headphones.
almost nothing here is easy to drive lol Fostex..mmhhmm nice
Yeah the sennheiser are the opposite of easy to drive
LCD-x, or LCD-cxc!
I used to have similar AKGs. They clamped my head really, really hard and I got sore or got a headache within a few hours of use. Compared to my Beyerdynamic DT990s, the Beyer set is like wearing a cloud.
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As far as comfort, can't top Sennheiser
Not easy to drive, though :(