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Hello Everyone!
After many emails and calls we're sorry to say the DT880 Pro is not a viable choice for the Massdrop community right now. Margins are too thin to offer meaningful drop prices so we're going to have to put this one on the back burner for now.
That said, we're talking more with Beyer USA (a separate company handles their Pro line in america) so hopefully we'll be able to introduce more Beyer products soon!
Thanks for your votes and patience,
600ohm version is the best of the 880s..
I'm in if dt880 premium 250 ohm or t90
Count me in if the 600ohm premiums come up. Better sound stage than the PRO models anyway:
I am in for the dt880 premium 250 ohm.
I'd be interested in either the 600 or 32 ohm Premiums. Unless you can get the 250 ohm Premiums well below the price of the 250 ohm Pros. <br /><br />As for the 600 ohm premiums, if we go with those, do you think a Schiit Magni is enough?
The only reason I am in this poll is for the DT880 600 ohm Premiums.
it's well known that the premiums (if they are 600 ohm) perform better than the 250 ohm pros. due to this i would be very happy to see another well-priced drop for the 600 ohm premiums
I prefer the premiums.
Hey everybody - we've looked into this and can only source meaningful prices for the DT880 Premiums (which we've run a few times on Massdrop). I know this poll is for the Pros but if you guys would be interested in the Premiums, just let me know. Otherwise, I'll be closing this poll to prevent it from gathering more votes.
I would echo the other people chiming in -- still interested in seeing the 600ohm Premiums back for another round. Don't know what the OP was going for with the Pro skus as it seems they're generally regarded to be of a lower grade.<br /><br />Just going to throw it out there, but it might be worth investigating a bit further on possibilities with the T90. They occasionally pop up on Amazon for 5 bills, and offer acceptance rates right now from authorized vendors are around that same price. If you guys could get something going for a lowest-drop price of ~$425, I bet there would be more than a few takers.
Anyone thinking about buying beyerdynamics should give this a read:
Just looking at Amazon, I notice two things. First is that the "Pro" edition is only available in the 250 ohm version, while the others are all "Premium". Second is that the 250 ohm version sells for considerably cheaper. While the 32 and 600 ohm versions sell for $340 and $300 respectively, the 250 ohm version is currently at $230. <br />If I were buying from those three, I'd choose the Pro 250 ohm version, however I realize that those prices will be different from Massdrop. Will the difference be significant?
Are these DT-880 pro's going to be the 600 or 250 ohm version?
Doesn't the DT880 Pro have a higher clamping force then the premium ones?
Yes, this is what i've read on head-fi...
Will the 600 ohm version of the DT880 be available?