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I am disappointed to hear that are unwilling to work with you/us. I have tried desperately to order one of these from LQS both online and brick and mortar and they are either too expensive or never available. Please Bloc loc. Please utitlize this modern, fabulous way to get your product out there! We promise to give you more publicity via social media!
I think they're having trouble keeping up with their current demand. Their website specifies a 3-4 week shipping time, now. That said, it's REALLY hard to find the Drunkard's Path at any LQS - local to me OR online.
Hi All,
We have been in touch with Bloc Loc Rulers recently and I'm sorry to say nothing has changed. They are still only interested in working with Local Quilt Shops.
These rulers are so incredible and hard to find at your LQS. Please watch their videos and behold the glory that is bloc_loc! lol! Seriously though I thought at first that this notion was frivolous and un-necessary but they are truly wonderful once you start playing around with them. The company offers books full of beautiful patterns and you can apply them to the shapes you make every day. They are definitely on my Christmas list this year!
Key words: "Hard to find at local quilt shop!" They are just too expensive for the shops to carry. If they did a few Massdrops they should be able to lower that price!
Any update about an upcoming bloc loc flying geese drop?
I just saw a student working with the strip set ruler! It is a must have for anyone that does fast piecing methods. Subcutting strip sets has never been this accurate!
Any news on this one?
Hi Everyone,
I have reached out to bloc-loc again but unfortunately at this time they are unwilling to work with the group. They prefer to sell solely through LQS'. We will keep talking to them and extolling the virtues of Massdrop to them and hopefully we can change their minds in the future. We'll leave the poll open because showing them the huge interest in their rulers is always helpful.
Thanks for the update Sandy. This doesn't strike me as a very savvy business decision. 567 people have requested their product! How can that volume of business not interest them? There are a lot of quilters on Instagram giving Bloc-Loc a lot of IG love (i.e., free publicity) and a little love back via Massdrop would be pretty cool. Some of the top and most coveted fabric designers put their current lines on Massdrop shortly after they hit the quilt shops. Bloc-Loc really should embrace this opportunity.
Any update on this by chance? I hope I did not miss it!!
Thank you, everyone, for expressing so much positive interest in these Bloc Loc Rulers!
We are currently reaching out to the creators of Bloc Loc Rulers and we hope to have some good news for you all soon!
Thank you,
~ Rita
As someone who owns the 3.5" HST Bloc-Loc ruler I can say that I LOVE that ruler but I have one regret, I wish I'd just bought a larger HST which can be used to trim HST any size smaller than the size of the ruler. Keep that in mind when ordering & good luck!
Is this going anywhere? I'd love to get these rulers.
Hi everyone!
We talked with Bloc_Loc at Quilt Market and they were excited by how many requests we have for their amazing products! We'll be sure to update you when we have more details.
Wish I could buy this for A Christmas gift- for myself
thanks for trying again, good luck and have fun at the Quilt Market
Hey All- I'm going to to talk to Bloc-Loc at Quilt Market later this month. Hopefully I'll have some good news to report!
Hi everyone- I'm reaching out to Bloc-Loc rulers again. Stay tuned to hear what they have to say.