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Is there any point in upgrading my current speakers? Currently I'm running a Lepai LP-2020A+ with a pair of AudioSource LS100 speakers (8-ohm, 10w RMS, 50w peak) and a Polk Audio PSW111 sub. The only mod I did to the Lepai was replacing the 2 amp power supply for a 5 amp.
Depending on who I ask, either the Lepai is the weak link in my setup or the speakers are. Any input?
The ls50's are still gonna be around $1000 does everyone else really wanna spend that much ?
How many votes till kefs go through? For reference Amazon had them on sale at $999 few months back
How many votes do we need for the ls50's?
will there be a drop for Bookshelf Speakers or wireless Bookshelf Speakers with wifi & bluetooth
What's the best speaker for 400$, without drop and dac/amp? People here say m5s aren't good but I've heard great things about them... what about Harman Kardon Soundsticks III Speakers?
Sierra 2s, to match my other sierra 2s :D
Def Tech SM65. Great sound, accurate, and can go loud.
Is there a companion poll for this? Something to power these things.
whoever voted for audioengines is an idiot...theyre essentially beats overpriced and youre basially paying for aesthetics
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I'm sorry, but compared to a properly driven and setup KEF, B&W, etc... the A5's just can't compete. They're far from bad, imo, but looking at all the other speakers on this list I don't think AudioEngine stuff deserves to be listed.
Put another way: If this were a supercar drop, guess which AE would be. Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, Buick, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo...
Good to know - I actually have been wondering if I am missing out on something - speakers in this range never sounded this good 10 years ago
1st choice: Vanatoo T1 speakers (black), for Computer near-field monitors. 2nd choice: KEF X300A 3rd choice: Harbeth P3ESR cherry <--- I'd jump all over this one for the right price
Elac B5, of course
ub5 now..... cant wait to get my hands on
I voted for the MB42X. I have them and would strongly recommend them to beginners!
Paradigm Atom V7, they would make a nice set of front speakers :)
LS50 should be brought Christmas time is around the corner!!!!!
Do ppl realize that the LS50 cost 1000Euro a pair??
Yes. But they are also some of the best speakers in the world.
I'm actively looking for a good pair to use on my home office desk... Not too large, but great sounding... Would love the Vanatoo Transparent one, or KEF X300As, or Audioengine A5+
+1 on the Vanatoo T1s and the KEF X300As, although I'm concerned about putting the KEFs as close to the wall as I've seen the Vanatoos....
Ah man really would love another pair of those jbl 530 they are so nice!!!
Why is the $1,500 option in first place? I can't afford that :(
Because KEF makes some of the best (if not the absolute best) speakers in the world.
Nice to see the Elac B5 on the list. I'm very interested in these after all the great reviews I've been reading about.
Help out a cheap-ass college brother out.... Let's get the Micca MB42X's cheaper than $80!!!
14 options so far afaict. Too bad they label them 212a.11517 or similar, who decided numbers and letters? Probably best to stop asking questions. I love natural wood and lovely build-quality/QA. I'll leave the rest to you. Debate away. My preference is open-back/stage and let me hear every squeak even though it makes me cringe. Masochism exemplified.
Oooh hell yes I'd drop on a 300A
Wharfedale Diamond 220. Perfect score by just about every major review outlet and they start at around $350 retail (for a pair). If Massdrop can get to Under $300 that would be awesome!
Yeah I'd love to buy some. I own the Q300 for my TV setup and they are amazing.
The X300A Wireless would be an even better drop - they have more connectivity!