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how much when i buy that thing
It is illegal in Canada to have a balisong, and I'm pretty sure almost all of these trainers won't get through customs just by looking like a real one... except the beer opener... and I like beer!
I've read good things about the squid trainer. It would be great of Mass drop worked on a collaboration with the maker
I own the bear ops bear song 11 butterfly knife trainer orange. And it is great \. Good flipping and good quality and good materials
I have the very same. Excellent choice.
RioRand Handle Red Fire Go Practice Tool: Sports & Outdoors
Felony in California to have a real butterfly just to save you some trouble
Trainers are pointless. You should just buy a real knife to avoid developing bad habits that will get you cut later on if you ever use a real one.
well in UK its illegal to posses a real butterfly knife so i would like to have a quality trainer at least
I own a Bear Ops IV (Black) and I sometimes get tired of cutting my fingers so it would be nice to get a trainer to get used to some tricks before i do them on a live blade, and it's kind of hard to walk around school flipping a live one.
FYI, the Bear trainer will break quickly.
I have an BO IV with a live blade (Tanto) and it is great! :)
We need a trainer massdrop
I want one to match my CS:GO skin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Man, I've been looking for one of these for like 6 months. I was hoping for something like this.
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lol, at 5 + months...I too think it's not going to happen 😃
Yeah man it's really too bad that it didn't happen but really it would have been only cool if they had got enough votes for the trainers so expensive it's hard to shell out retail prices for or the ones that are more recognized in the Balisong flipping community. BRS Barebones, Hom Rhapsody trainer, Squid industries Squid trainer, the Shankelstrainer, Benchmade 62, Bear ops Bear song 2 designed by BRS, The Boker trainer. These are the only ones that have any value in my opinion but I think you can get a CCC Trainer from Amazon for under 10 dollars and be happy not knowing any difference or cutting yourself.