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Damn I'm excited for this drop.... Can we have any feedback about it?
Oh my god, the black leather one is gorgeous.
The number of choices the community has put up makes me think that watches as a category could stand on their own--although I totally understand the fashion tie-in. I see numerous different watches listed in this poll which really belong in their own, like economical solar watch, economical automatic, budget sapphire crystal watches etc.
Any updated for mvmt? I would love to own one.
:( The MVMT is a quartz watch. A rodina nomos "homage" would be nicer.
:( The MVMT is a quartz watch. A rodina nomos "homage" would be nicer.
Guys, just uploaded a new watch from Domeni Co. hope you guys will vote for it
Hey guys,
We haven't heard back from MVMT yet. We will continue to reach out to them. Cheers!
thank you for keeping us posted. i want to purchase but am hoping to join a drop.
We are working with Miro closely. Right now, it's just an inventory issue.
All automatics are sold out but as soon as they become available we'll get a drop going.
In the meantime, we are looking at other watch brands in the poll. We'll be reaching out to MVMT again.
Wait, when is the MVMT watch (Black Plated...) on sale?
I'm also wondering if there will be a miro automatic drop in the near future. any updates on this?
Any update for the Miro Automatic?
Thanks for voting.
We have launched the Miro Quartz Watch.
Here's the link to the drop:
Hey guys,
I just got off the phone with Miro Watches. They are definitely interested in working with the community.
The Automatic is out of stock right now and it'll take around three months for it to come back in stock. They mentioned that they'd like to do a drop for the Automatic then.
In the meantime, if you guys are interested, they are open to do a drop for the quartz version of the watch. Please let me know what you guys think about a quartz drop.
guys choose the natural time selection one
Keep giving us more options while we wait on MVMT.
We are working on contacting Miro and Mondaine watches.
Based on the price point of some of the watches listed in this poll, I'd recommend you guys checking the Kent Wang Bauhaus Watch. It's a high quality watch with great reviews.
Here's the link:
Just me but I love the simple look of the classic Rodina. Also prefer smaller watch sizes due to my twig wrists.
That Miro Automatic is beautiful.
Here's an update.
We reached out to MVMT again this month, but unfortunately they don't have enough watches in stock to do a drop. We've been told to reach out in October, which we will.
In the meantime, we are going to keep looking at other options in this poll.
I'm actually in the mood to buy a pocket watch.
Disappointed there isn't on this list about pocket watches and I don't know enough about watches myself to look something up :\
Guys. Getting a Vostok NOT from ebay or some shady dealer with a website that looks like it used to be hosted on geocities and that's halfway across the globe would be incalculably awesome. For the price of some blingy chinese garbage, you actually get a watch that's cool looking and a good conversation piece too. I get asked about my Pobeda all the time.
The Ministry Seafarer is very good choice.
I wholeheartedly agree. Russian Watches Never abandoned Mechanical, nor Automatic Mechanical Watches. NOT even,'the Swiss', can say That ! The 'Vostok' , truly represents the Best Dollar for Dollar Value !
Added the Swatch watch. Swiss made, looks nice. $150 MSRP so it should be able to be dropped a bit. You know, even though a drop is incoming :D
Uniform Wares 104 would be welcome!
So the watches getting all the votes are the cheap no brand quartz junk watches. None of the watches worth getting at a discount seem to be getting votes.
I was thinking about joining but realized these are large watches. Can anyone recommend small to medium round watches? Needs to be low profile and the face about 3-3.5cm in diameter.
mvmt and nixon are just throwing money away. they are chinese junk that is not worth more than $50. paying over $100 is just plain silly.
also the seiko 5 listed here is the kid sized one, and quartz. the real seiko 5 automatic is 40mm and only $20 more.
lastly, if it is "cheap" why there is a very complex junkers? the junkers are awesome, but the simple time and date model is $200 less than the model currently there.
>> lastly, if it is "cheap" why there is a very complex junkers? the junkers are awesome, but the simple time and date model is $200 less than the model currently there.
Because everybody can add what they want (for someone cheap watches below $100 for other below $500)
MVMT looks nice, I'm bought one in white/tan. If it's piece of junk not so sad. I think they worth $95 for nice and simple design (and international shipping is free).
Hey Everyone!
I just spoke with MVMT and they will have to push it back to August, but they are really excited about dropping the watches.
I will update you all with more soon. :)
What about other contestants, like first non-MVMT Seiko with over 100 votes?
Any idea when in August this drop will happen, I'm still waiting (almost) patiently. =)
i come back here like every couple of hours to check if there any updates
Almost 1900 votes, 740 for the front runner and no update for 34 days.
I'm not one to use watches normally, but this really looks like something.