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Now Available!

Thanks to Ethanololol for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Monoprice 27" Zero-G 2560x1440 IPS Display available.

AndrewDrop Buyer

Monoprice 27" Zero-G 2560x1440 IPS Display

Monoprice 27" Zero-G 2560x1440 IPS Display

Hello Everyone!
We've contacted all the manufactures featured in this poll and we've seen pricing from a lot of them. Sadly, margins on mass consumer electronics like this are too think to make for reasonable Massdrop prices. As such, we're closing this poll and we discourage any more polls asking for things like Monitors, Graphics Cards, SSDs, etc.
Thanks for your votes and hopefully we can work something out for the other polls you're voting on.
That said, if you're interested, we can work with Monoprice to re-launch their Zero-G monitors. Let us know and we'll work something out.
Appreciate the effort.
Can we please re-launch them. I would very much like.
Really looking for 2560x1080 or larger here at a good price--motioning for the rotating displays for multi-display layouts. Note that good price is relative to the ~300 korean 27" IPS displays without tilt
27 inches is too big physically for my space. Of course I like high resolution, but hi-res at 24 inches.
The Monoprice uses the same panel as the the Cinema Display from Apple! We should be pushing that one!
Think about the resolution, not just the size. A 27"+ with 1920 is a bit much but with 2.5k resolution it's the best thing ever.
Hope for a 24 inch number. 27 is just to big for my use.
And now we wait...
hope the one that gets dropped will work with my MBP