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Hi all. Unfortunately, Edison is not interested in working with Massdrop. They gave two reasons:
1) Their production is maxed out,and they really like the size of their operation, so they're not able to support group buys now and don't have any plans that would make that possible soon.
2) Edison has a strict policy of never allowing resellers to discount prices below their MSRP.
We're disappointed and I'm sure you all are as well, but we're going to close this poll so members are not voting for something that simply isn't feasible anytime in the foreseeable future. As with all suppliers, we'll check in to see if anything has changed every few months anyway.
I created a poll as well for Edison Pens, please vote if possible =D Im casting my votes on this poll as well. Edison makes a fine writing instrument =D
Hey @MikeJamrock -- Love your enthusiasm, but you will probably find better success adding options to polls than making duplicate new polls. Also, general Edison update below...
Gotcha!! Fairly new to Massdrop, I let my excitement get the best of me and went POLL crazy!!
Thank you for the tip!!
Hi all -- We've been working on this for awhile, I expect to have an update for you very soon.
Is it spring yet?
I think it's a little bit spring.
Oops. I just read what was written. Hopefully Edison will be up for a drop in the Spring.
There are 265 total votes. Will this become a drop? I'd love to buy an Edison!
I have a gorgeous Collier in antique marble, I would love a blue steel Collier for my collection!
I have a Collier in antique marble and I love the pen. Persimmon swirl would be awesome.
Thanks to @rdominick @thepassionatepenman @ManSally and @GasCanadian for posting.
FYI for you, and everyone who has suggested or voted for options in this Edison poll:
Edison was pleased to learn of interest from Massdrop members, but can't work with us now.
They invited us to reach out again in the Spring, when they may be able to make pens available.
Dammit penman, you're going to bankrupt me.
I was just posting earlier today how badly tempted I am by the Collier in persimmion swirl...
It really is a looker! :)