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I love e-ink. This sounds like it could be pretty cool.. imagine a quality graphics tablet (intuos quality / features) layered on top of a kindle paper white.
Something like an Cintiq except using an e-ink display.
does something of that caliber exist?
Ive got the first design of boogie board, when they first came to market. Pretty cool device as a novelty, cool to doodle on. Dropped it one day, and now a corner of it always looks like I drew on it, probably a lcd crack. Still works though :)
Capable of finer drawings like for engineering sketches?
I'm assuming people are just seeing the first boogie board and clicking that. The RIP is discontinued actually so I think you guys would have a bit of trouble getting it for a drop.
Hey Guys,
Thanks for voting and commenting in this poll. I'm just wondering why everyone is voting on an older model. Is there any advantage over the latest models?
The noteslate was originally just a design kicked around by a design student, and nothing much has come of it in the past 3 or 4 years since it was unveiled.
I have the very first version simplest of Boogie Board and it is really a very nice thing, helps making quick notes and drawing while thinking. Wish they've introduced smth in smaller form-factor, about 5", with those sync capabilities.
The smaller version is called the Galaxy Note 3. :P
The Noteslate does not exist in any way, shape, or form. Take a look around their "website" (