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@Wai: I think you meant to link to, not - I don't know where the second one goes, but my pi-hole does not like it one bit!
How about the Iris split keyboard?
Good thought. is on a roll. I love my Nyquists, but the Iris seems like a nice alternative to the ErgoDox and MiniDox for this poll.
What's the deal with this drop, has the vendor been contacted?
with 244 votes in how long until we can expect the drop to happen and ultimately get the keyboard?
What kind of switches would these use and what is the estimate on pricing? I've always wondered if there was a split keyboard out there that I could just use the left side for gaming, because I felt like the rest of the keyboard just took up too much space.
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I've seen those, but I don't think there are enough buttons around the thumb area!
IIRC the little D-pad thing has 8 directions, and the whole thing is programmable, so from one perspective you've got 8 buttons under the thumb :)