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Now Available!

Thanks to ichiban for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Moleskine Large Notebook (5-Pack) available.

KailiDrop Buyer

Moleskine Large Notebook (5-Pack)

Moleskine Large Notebook (5-Pack)

Not only is Moleskine NOT fountain pen friendly, it's junk.
Hey Guys,
The Moleskine drop is already in full swing with 70 x 3-packs already purchased. We run the Rhodia and other notebooks from time to time, but pricing is not as competitive. Here is a link to the Moleskine drop:
Here is a link to the Rhodia drop, if we get enough requests, we can drop it again:
I'll also look into Midori Traveler's Notebook.
I am the only vote for Baron Fig, you guys should check it out, relatively new.
Really? moleskine is the highest vote? Leuchtturm's, whitelines' and clairefontaine's paper quality is way better.
Moleskine paper quality control is definitely not as stringent as any of the other notebooks on offer and can have heavy bleed through with pens that have very liquidy inks (fountain pens, markers, watercolors, etc). The Midori TN has a fairly robust cult following and is the only refillable notebook that's on offer, and you can make your own refills and customizations without a lot of difficulty.
Midori traveler's is the best imo
Leuchtturm is where it's at. I do realize Moleskine is better known though
I love my Leuchtturm 1917. I never really cared that much about different notebooks, but that one changed me completely.
I can't believe people think moleskine is fancy