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Now Available!

Thanks to peterhardy for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Ducky Shine 3 Tenkeyless available.

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Ducky Shine 3 Tenkeyless

Ducky Shine 3 Tenkeyless

I have added the WASD Code with MX Clears in full size to the vote list. Anyone who ummed and ahhed about the previous Code run with MX Greens; here it is! Join me :)
I like the Tt esports poseidon, but I woul only want the cherry mx blue switch edition
Thermaltake Poseidon keyboard for under $90 MSRP
For all those people that voted for the K70 or K95 you should go over to the mechanical gaming keyboard with cherry-mx red switches poll and vote for them again. They have a good chance of winning this time.<br /><br />
Max Keyboards are launched and ready to go! Thanks for your votes, we'll keep working on Ducky and Filco, hopefully they come around. <br /><br />Looking forward to another successful keyboard drop!
Hi Everyone! <br /><br />Good news and bad news. Bad news is that the top poll option companies aren't interested in working with you for now. We're still talking with them and hopefully they'll decide to work with this group in the future. <br /><br />Good news is that we've got the KBT ONE and ONI listed right now and we'll be able to list Max Keyboards in the next week or so. <br /><br />This poll's been great and we're looking forward to linking it to the upcoming Max keyboards or the current ONE and ONI if you think that's suitable. <br /><br />Keep the votes, polls, and options coming!
Just ended up ordering the CM Storm Quickfire Rapid off Newegg since they weren't likely to drop their price. $20 off with a promo code and a $10 rebate bring it down to $50 which is pretty do-able so I went through with it. The promo code ends today though.
I think KBT ONI is the way to go. KBT is a trusted brand and the keycaps are nice thick PBT. The Max keyboards have thin, cheap ABS keys and the backlighting is too flashy. That being said, the Max Durandal eSport is $140, the Nighthawk X7 and X8 are also $140, and the X9 $150. The ONI is about $130 and, in my opinion, the better investment.
Hello everyone! We've been through every company in the poll and none of the top options are viable choices for a drop. That said, the folks MaxKeyboard are interested and we've got the KBT ONE and ONI as well. <br /><br />There's another poll asking for the Max keyboards specifically but would you be interested in the KBT ONE or ONI as well?
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@lyrill <br /><br />Good news! We'll be able to launch the Max Keyboards this coming week. Red switches and all.
awesome!!how much will it be?
I don't like the Das' glossy coat. It gets dust all over it and fingerprints are hard to get off. I think we should go with a Topre because they are expensive and a group buy could make it somewhat affordable for most people. Even at $260, with 40% off, most people can afford $150.
Are the Das' that bad really? I know gloss is hard as hell to clean, but I saw them as an upper tier keyboard. Granted, my knowledge on the subject is practically nil.
Das isn't horrible, but many people wrote them off after they moved production from Taiwan to China. There's simply a lot of cheaper and better options for mechanical keyboards than a Das.
@ted.las According to a comment in this thread on Reddit: "Mid-end August"
does anyone know when the ducky shine 3 is coming out?
The ducky shine 2 is made using cherry stabilizers which is less quality than the costar stabilizers featured on other keyboards. Most back-lit keyboards use cherry stabilizers. No idea why the number one keyboard is actually one of inferior quality.
daskeyboards all dayyyyy. if we could get it to drop to around 90 dollars that would be a STEAL. with 1553 people voting this might be able to be accomplished !
Does this poll not show up for anyone else when they type "Gaming Keyboards" into the search box? You'd think with 1537 votes this would be the top poll hit, but maybe its just my browser.
@AndrewFS it shows up for me as the top 'voting' poll. I use Google Chrome
I added the Keycool 84 key grey for you guys, looks like a nice board BTW!
who in their right mind would buy anything other than a mechanical keyboard for gaming?
Can we get an update from MD central on this poll and any eta on its turning into a real drop?
Definitely interested.
What about the upcoming Ducky Shine 3?
Hey guys I added the new Corsair K70 to this list. Would be great if some others were interested. Looks like a great keyboard.
What about other, less known brands, e.g. Keycool?
@w4rr10r I would definitely be interested in one. especially the 84 key
Any news on Filco and Topre?
Any updates since the 10th?
Why is everyone voting for the filco? Can we please vote on the HHKB or the other topre keyboards??
@Billy not sure i am part of the minority, i would much prefer the DAS or steelseries..
Just an update - still waiting to hear back from Topre. Will post with any more progress.
I'm glad to hear Topre is being cooperative!
Until there is another manufacturer than TG3/Deck making gaming or consumer keyboards with MX clears, people need to stop suggesting them (even more so for Ergo Clears since they are a custom job). The Deck keyboards are ridiculously ugly and overpriced IMO.
Here's a more detailed update about what's going on with this poll: Razer told us go through their distributors and that they sell thousands in more mainstream locations (ie. Best Buy). We ended up going through 3 different distributors to check the prices and they're all terrible. Overall it seems like too big of a company to deal with a group this size but maybe at a later stage. We've had similar experiences with Corsair, CoolerMaster and Logitech - no surprises there. We've been in talks with Topre about their Realforce keyboards and they seem open to discussion. Due to the language barrier, they're generally slower to respond. We'll keep the group updated as we get more info. We haven't reached out to WASD for this poll yet since we're going down the list from the top. In the past though, they've been pretty awesome to deal with. We'll have an update for Filco in the next few days. As for Ducky, we had spoken to their US Distributor (Tiger Imports) last September and the person in charge had said that he was not interested in working with the group at the time. He said it may be more likely later on in the future so we've been in the process of following up. Overall they've been slow to respond so we don't have a clear yes or no yet. We'll definitely keep the group updated as we get more info.
@Steve thank you for the details status report, awesome service!
Clears look awesome. Blues are just a tad too loud, and I could do without that loud almost crunching sound after the click but its nto too bad because it happens so instantly after actuation. But if that wasnt there, IE a brown with the blue type actuation, you could definitely have the best of both worlds. Provided the quality control guys do a good job. (logitech's problem seems to be horrendous quality plastics and complete lack of lubricant and smooth key rails)