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Guys, I guess your best bet would be to wait until Boxing day and get those on sale.
Hey everybody. We've gone through all these options and unfortunately it looks like we won't be able to do this drop. As we've seen in past polls, Razer and Logitech are too large of companies to work with our groups at this time. As a result, the pricing for these products wasn't good enough to justify us running a group buy.
Is there going to be a response on this since more than 200 people have voted?
I used the original Belkin N52, and then the Belkin N52te which was rebranded to the Razer Nostromo. Great products, but I'd love to move to the Orbweaver because of the mechanical switches. <br />I think the Razer type is a better fit and more ergonomical than the Logitech G13 which works, but hasn't been revised ONCE since Logitech released it.<br />If I were to buy the new Orbweaver, I'd definitely be choosing the Stealth due to the quieter Cherry Brown key type.
Is there any possibility that a company or Razer would work with Massdrop on this? The way the mechanical keyboard market is right now, the current price for the Orbweaver is relatively reasonable. I'm also disappointed that Logitech is clearly failing in the mechanical category as the demand for mechanical is quite high.
Orbweaver would have to have a significant discount in order for me to be interested, it's highly overpriced, I could build one with a teensy that is higher quality for less.
FYI Guys Razer is making the Orbweaver Stealth, which uses browns rather than blues. I have added it to the poll.
Thanks for posting this.
No problem.
These devices are quite flexible in their use cases. I have an artist friend who uses a Nostromo while drawing: stylus in one hand and the other on the keypad. It's a cool setup and he's very productive with it.
Dominic: The Orbweaver is a Cherry Blue, Razer-designed version of the nostromo (which was originally Belkin, then simply rebranded).
Does a pad like this exist with mechanical key switches?
To be fair, the Orbweaver is just a way better Nostromo. Razer got the Nostromo from Belkin, sold it as the "Nostrmo TE" for a while and then came out with the Orbweaver to replace it.
These types of keypads are really popular with both the RTS, MMO, and CAD crowds. There's a massive topic for the Orbweaver on that should answer a lot of your questions:
Never used one before, but the concept looks nice. Added the orbweaver (The by far most expensive) because I wouldn't even consider getting anything with keys and standard rubber domes. Mechanical all the way.
The nostromo actually has very high end membrane keys, better than any non-mechanical keyboard I've ever tried. I'd still rather the orbweaver, because the membrane keys might gradually get worse
@xSpartanCx: I have used the same n52te since 2007. I can personally verify that the keys do not get worse.
And I'm an idiot. Tried to add an option and somehow put "Gaming Keypads" as the product name instead of "Orbweaver"
@Mitchell The option has been fixed for you. These are crazy! They're more expensive than actual keyboards. Do you have experience using any of them? Do people use them for RTS's or FPS's (or some other genre of game)?