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guys i have a workstation if the drop on the 6800 comes how much whould u think it whould be and could u sugest me a compatible motherboard with a gtx 1060 6gb Gddr5?
6800k should be an option. When it's on sale you can get it for $50 more than 6700k and performs 30-40% better as a workstation CPU and when overclocked performs identical to 6700k in most games, and beats the 6700k in new cpu intensive games like battlefield 1
If it was me I would use the Intel i7 6700k or i5 6600k gaming build because they're both pretty powerful CPU but I guess I would start off with the I5 6600k only for price.

oh then if you can get it for the same price then gg
in general for those building gaming rigs on the cheap, id recommend staying in the i5 ballpark and avoiding the fx lineup if they can, in the long run, its a much better investment. you could only imagine my disappointment when i learned that my 970 OC's to 1410 on the core was being held back in a good handful of my more cpu intensive game. RIP. EDIT: forgot to mention my CPU is a FX-9590
I use the 4790K at work in my development rig... absolute monster. :)
Ignoring the price, is the 6700k better for gaming and workstation than the 4790k, 5830k and others? Excluding the ones that are over $1000.
barely, its so marginal its not really worth the premium to be honest.
? They are both listed ~340$$
why is everyone chosing the quad core 4690k over the 5820k or 5830k
Hey everyone. We don't currently have a supply route for CPU's that would be of any real benefit versus somewhere like Newegg, but I know the buyer is working hard to get more components up on the site. So stay tuned and hopefully we'll be seeing more component drops soon.
for me amd its the best offer of the market, no like to paid a 50% more for a 10% more speed
yes its not exactly the best value option to go for a nicer 4790k however, the gains far exceed 10% on the intel side of things, this is just simple benchmarks and testing and the 4790 and the 4770k for that matter still obliterate it.
8350 is more affordable to most people, and for gaming its pretty damned good
Why are you guys so fuckin stupid. You could of have choice the 5960x or the hexca xeon cpu. These are the best cpu ever and you guys decided to choose 4790k wow. idiots -_-
who the fuck would buy a 1000$+ CPU? Make a drop poll for top of the line CPUs or some shit?
price wouldnt come down enough to justify
if the 4790k hits the 250$ or the 4690k hits the 175$ price range I think I most likely get it
Infact, the only place its lacking is cache
Don't forget that the 9690 will heat your room all year round. That's a plus depending where you live, I guess.
AMD FX 9690 octa core is better at rendering, and almost the same in gaming compared to the i7 4790k
not even close bro but ok. not like i own the chip and regret my purchase or anything. yes. its a fast chip, but im fairly certain that a 4790k will perform better still without any OC tweaking. my problem with fx cpu's is that they have terrible IPC compared to other chips available in their price range, id take a quad core i7 over an 8 9690 any day of the week.
New intel products are scheduled for release next month, so some of the stuff in this poll will be dropping in price soon-ish.
Depends on the budget though, 4790K is a beast but is roughly double the 8350 for me - and the difference isn't horrible
The 8350 performs significantly worse in tasks that hit each individual core a lot. The FX line of CPUs have extremely poor single thread performance.