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Now Available!

Thanks to scotchguy for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Monoprice Writing Tablet Bundle available.

Monoprice Writing Tablet Bundle

Monoprice Writing Tablet Bundle

Hey guys, I talked with Monoprice and we set up a bulk purchase for the 9 x 12 Graphics Tablet that was mentioned in this poll. I know this wasn't your first choice, but it's definitely the best one for the money.
+1 to yiynova~ i haven't heard of them but if there meant to be good as wacom it would be great, it is much cheaper.
yeah wow the yiynova looks to be a good product! I've used the 12" cintiq and it was good but if the yiynova is comparable then that's awesome! Just wish it had some programmable side buttons, maybe the next version will.
Guys- go big or go home. Cintiq all the way.
I'd rather the better sensitivity of the Yiynova at a *much* lower price. Look up Frenden's review of it.
I started another poll to see if we can order one of Wacom's better featured pens as well.