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Now Available!

Thanks to KarenD for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Animal Patterns by Elizabeth Hartman (2-Pack) available.

KailiDrop Buyer

Animal Patterns by Elizabeth Hartman (2-Pack)

Animal Patterns by Elizabeth Hartman (2-Pack)

Dear Massdrop…has anything been done about approaching the vendor on this request? Thanks!
Buying a bundle of patterns could be very good from a postage saving, and they are gorgeous patterns, really well explained, hope buying a bundle becomes an option!!
I've had my eye on the hedgehog pattern for a few weeks now. This would be great!
Is there any chance that if this drop goes through it could be done as a bundle of possible two or three patterns at a discount? I have seen this done with patterns before and would love to see this one done the same way.