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me you know y i have hd800s lol
I tried 660s, put them down almost immediately. Tried in on 3 different high end amps. Bass distorted way too easily for me. I prefer cans that offer much heavier bass.
Just make a drop of the iSine 10 and I will be happy 😊
my man
I've been an owner of an HD600 for almost 3 years now. Does the HD660s have a better sound overall than the HD600?
its different, has 150 ohm, but its in direct comparison not better
Who doesn't? I don't, not a fan of Sennheiser. Didn't like the 6xx's.
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if you dont like the elevated low end you might enjoy the hd 600, i also prefer the 600 over the 650, but the 660s doesnt have that
Too similar, like the AKG's and HiFiMan's better.
I don't know if I want them. But, I know I wouldn't mind hearing them. I have to wonder how these and the HD 700 compare.
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The Aeons look interesting. But, I don’t know what to make of a twelve ohm impedance.
jeah, or the fostex.
IF you have a good amp, the 600 is still the headphone of choice.
Actually, the 600 isn't a very good headphone, although the 650 is even worse. They both produce a muted, filtered, "dirty" sound, somewhat like the cheap speakers I listened with 20 years ago.
Maybe with the 660s Sennheiser is attempting to fix the lack of precision and clarity in so many of their "famous" products.
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the hd 600 are pretty clear, like monitoring cans.
They ARE monitoring cans! Not as thin sounding as other monitors, lol.
HD 660S???? I don't even know they are making a new one till now. I am a fan of Sennheiser's products. I have their HD 650, IE 80, and I have tried IE 800. All great sound signatures.
However, one thing I found really strange with this company is that they do no give a f**k to the design.
Okay I get it, it is a pair of headphones, and one probably only uses in a room, but could you at least make some more changes on the design of 6XX series. Putting on your logo isn't gonna help that much. The design have been overly used. Why can't you just come up with a similar modern design like the 700 or 800. I really don't get it. Seriously speaking, I put my AKG 7XX on the desk, and leave the HD650 in the shelf because the later one doesn't fit the style of my working area at all.
I really wish they could learn a bit of design from B&O or even a stationary company like rOtring. Minimalism means you design everything on point and keep it minimal without the loss of aesthetics, not just design a product and tell the customers: "please look the inside, the outside doesn't matter".
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I love the design of the 650's.
I'm well aware of Dieter Rams, but the cans you suggested having nothing in common with his work. As I said, I don't want lots of bright junk saddled on my head.
Personally, I don't think a drop for the 660s with a significant price difference will happen anytime within the next five years but I could be wrong.
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The HD 650 hits 14 years old in December. Before the Massdrop edition that dropped this year, how much was the HD 650 selling for in 2016? And the HD 660 S has just launched, and is a real improvement!
i dont ether, but i want them to know
So, I looked on the sennheiser website and saw that the 660 was $500, so massdrop could do something similar next year and get the price down to $300, maybe.. Also I'm hoping that massdrop will still continue with the hd6xx as I'm wanting a pair, but missed out on the first 2 runs.
Seeing as how the HD 650 was launched 14 years ago for the same $500, that the HD 650 maintained an average selling price of about $400 new right up until the Massdrop HD 6XX edition about a year ago, I doubt we’ll see price drops soon. Add to that, the HD 660 S keeps the sound signature while improving the performance, efficiency (enough to used with the balanced outputs of most DAPs to satisfying effect), and comfort, I think the HD 660 S will be in demand for awhile. Right now, people are talking more about just getting enough supply to support the demand!