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Now Available!

Thanks to Laike for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the J. Herbin 1670 Ink (3-Pack) available.

KailiDrop Buyer

J. Herbin 1670 Ink (3-Pack)

J. Herbin 1670 Ink (3-Pack)

C'mon people ... please stop voting for Iroshizuku. It *is* an awesome ink line, but there are so many other ways to pick up a bottle in the low $20's range with free shipping. Akkerman OTOH is much harder to come by, so it makes better sense to use our one shot on that one.
And *then* do an Iroshizuku drop :D
I can't agree more
I would really like to get some Akkermanns ink myself.
I would, too
Is there anyway to get an Akkeerman 150ml bottle?
They no longer manufacture them so your only option would be to buy one off someone else.
Hi everyone -- We're working to make Iroshizuku available again, but it's taking awhile.
I am working on Akkerman ink right now and hope to have some new on that soon.
We've also done drops for Noodler's Ink, and J. Herbin 1670 Collection. Noodler's - J. Herbin 1670 -
We've also done Pelikan Edelstein, which should be due for a rerun very soon... Edelstein -
Thanks for participating, and being patient while we work to bring new brands of ink to Massdrop!
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The only shame is that Akkerman changed to 60mL instead of 150mL, making the cost per mL much higher at MSRP was kept about the same. They were expensive with shipping, but divided by 150 made it much more reasonable. Hopefully with Massdrop we will see a competitive price per mL after shipping, ideally closer to Edelstein at the very least.
Akkerman is generally the most difficult to obtain, but Iroshizuku inks have a great color selection.
I am in agreement with this, but not every color is a HIT or a WANT. I wonder how this would work as far as selections and choices. If the price was right, I would be down to buy 3 inks if I got my choice and the price was right.
Any further discussion on this? I almost organized my own group buy on r/fountainpens the other day, but Massdrop would be less messy.
Hopefully Massdrop can organize something with Akkerman. They are only sold from their shop in the Netherlands and their bottles are famous for their design. It's a long necked bottle with two chambers. The smaller chamber has a marble in there, creating a valve that provides a convenient place to fill a fountain pen. Many people order these just for the bottles, the fact it has a 150ml of ink is just a bonus. There are a few group orders that start up on FPN, but one big one handled by Massdrop would probably be the least messiest way of doing this.
Unfortunately 150ml bottles are no more. Now they made the similar designed bottle but with 60 ml capacity & ink.
I'll take it! ;)