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Please make this happen. I will totally buy a 780ti if it's $400-$300
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Hi mark I don't want to sound ignorant so I'm sure there is a reason companies can't to this, but why couldn't you contact a reseller, like amazon warehouse. I know that they sell these cards for 600$ becuase they have damaged packaging and if you contact them saying I have 1300 people who want cards you could probably a pretty good amount of money off becuase they need to get rid of there perfectly working unwanted inventory. I was wondering I you could explain why companies can't do this. Thanks
That doesn't sound like a bad idea, worth a try right?
How often does buying electronics at shockingly low discount prices from Chinese no name sellers without a good reputation work out ?
So can someone tell me how this works?
Lets do this
2 more votessss
Sorry everyone, I need to close this poll. We can't order nearly enough graphics cards to make a dent in the pricing :(
But... We can still vote, right? If we get, let's say, over 2000 votes or whatever you want (Which shouldn't be too hard if we post on like big subreddits such as /r/gaming, even though it's kind of a hellhole), are you going to reconsider this poll and maybe even passing it so we /can/ get these cards really cheap?
TL;DR if we get (way) more votes in a few days on the 780 Ti's will you guys do the drop?
EDIT: Oh hey that's neat, /r/ directly links to the subreddit :D
What are we suppose to do, if the card we receive is defective? We RMA the card to Massdrop or to AliExpress?
doubt massdrop could get a deal with nvidia or w/e manufacturer for these cards
Massdrop, "Hey, I'll give you $11,000 RIGHT NOW for 50 cards."
Nvidia rep, "No."
And we've lost nothing.
The 780 is being sold by some dude named Kenny Sam in China. He has no feedback at all on aliexpress. Look at the details page for the 780. Scroll down and you'll see a ghetto fabulous 770 knockoff on sale for 59.99. Granted the 770 is being sold by someone else, but why chance it if the site is slinging knock off video cards? Aliexpress itself isn't exactly known for being reliable. Check the reviews on google. I want a deal on a GPU like everyone else, but I doubt any of us are going to hop on a plane to China to find this guy if he rips us off.
AliExpress guarantees a refund if the product isn't EXACTLY what is stated on the 780ti. So, really have nothing to lose.
how does this work anyways?
so what price would these sale for on massdrop???
Cool story bro
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