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Need this drop, but with "hacker" row option too.
Are there bots just going around upvoting granite? I'd thought after all these rounds each with >5k participants every person remotely interested would have a set by now... lol
Is this ever going to happen?
I'd like to point out that the Infinity Standard layout has SEVEN keys on the bottom row, all of which are 1.25u and the 6.25u space bar, but both the proposed Granite and Galaxy PBT keysets have a 1u key as the second key from the left in the bottom row. Please fix your design layouts on the keyboard-layout-editor webpage!
My designs all have 7 keys on the bottom, so not sure what the emphasis was for (it's actually 8, if you can count). However, I did fix the 1.25 key that you pointed out, so nice one detective dan.
So what you mean is this poll is your private poll and that only you can propose alternatives?. Well, if that is the case I really did not get it before. But just be aware that GMK caps are not crappy by all means, they are one of the finest caps available, if you have not tried them yet, I encourage you to do it.
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Thanks for doing that and I apologise for my snarky response. From what you've said I'm interested in possibly getting a set of GMK's for my infinity as well!
No worries. I understood your argument a little too late. Sorry again. And regarding the poll, according with some at my community it is a bad idea. I do not know if I could keep it posted.
Also keep in mind this poll is ONLY for standard layout. NO hacker layouts!
That being said, if you wanna start your own poll with crappy, non-pbt keycaps, be my guest. Otherwise, please keep to the description of the poll (readily available at the top of the page in case you didn't notice)
Guys, do NOT submit choices that are not both 1) arranged into a valid infinity layout FIRST and 2) have colors that are available for PBT keys. The new Dolch choice, while cool, is NOT available for PBT, so therefore should NOT be a valid choice for this poll. I would have loved to submit it for myself! Please make your own layout thats similar, or don't waste your time on this poll. It doesn't do anyone any favors making a choice that isn't valid!
Why is GMK invalid? GMK Dolch can be produced with all the necessary keys for Infinity. Why only in PBT? GMK typing feeling is far superior to DSA PBT. I am typing on my Graphites right now, and I can tell you that I am missing some GMK goodness. Please explain.
If you want custom infinity caps but are going for Matias switches, check out