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Does anyone know when drop will be doing a round of POM Jelly Key caps?
Guys its available again on
@massdrop where ya at?
Is this going to happen? PM if you have a set of whites for sale.
Surely grey would be better than white in not showing dirt/marks?
Are these squishy like silicone or rigid but soft?
solid and slippery
I have a set of rainbow POM Jellys that I've had for a few years. They look really nice. What I dislike about them is that they get dirty more easily than stock abs, taihao untreated pbt, ducky pbt, and SA abs. They're thin which is probably a bonus when backlit. If cleaned every few weeks they're nice. The orange and green POMs are the best looking of the set. POM green in the set is closest in color to honeydew melon.
If anyone is ever interested, I can clean them off and take a few pics of them on and off a full-size kb.
Edit: The set I have came through alibaba or aliexpress back a while, I don't think that they're oem or cherry. Not sure what the profile actually is on them really. 104-key set.
I'm waiting on this. Where are the keycaps? :(
truly the holy grail of keycaps
I need this in my life.
The white ones look so good, but I think I'll just end up frustrated with blanks
give us the Jelly
White keycaps look DOPE
I need this more than anything else.
When's the last time this actually dropped?
drop this, we'll buy it!
make it cherry profiled plz :c
Would be interested in buying an ergodox variation of the white jelly poms (if that exists?)
BOSS, I got the money! Where's the POM keycaps?
Are these impossible to get a hold of? I sort of thought that if we got enough people interested, the maker would be all about making a batch.
I contacted someone who runs a keycaps business even he couldn't find them!
PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ლ(。-﹏-。 ლ)
What I really want is Jelly Pom, with doubleshot front lettering. Maybe in G20 profile...
What? A man can dream!
Personally I would love to see these drop. Been browsing the site for a while now, and this would be a certain purchase for me.
when will it drop
Any update on this?
Come on Massdrop, I literally can't wait to throw my money at you for these
I really hope that there is an option for the 37 key layout.
Can't find these anywhere! White jelly POM = Epic
Sexy hands. There I said it.
Jelly POMs are like...the unicorn of keycap materials. Is there any word on whether we've even found a vendor?