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Now Available!

Thanks to mebk for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boot available.

BrianDrop Buyer

Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boot

Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boot

Stacy Adams possible in the future?
Hey Everyone!
Just launched another awesome boot.
Take a look here:
Happy Buying!
Hey Everyone!
We just launched the Tydus Boot from Broken Homme today!
Check them out:
Happy Buying. :)
Hello Everyone,
Chevalier just received more brown chormexcel leather from Horween and is now able to take orders on his next 50 pair of the Captoe Boot!
Here is the page:
If you missed out on the last drop please jump on soon. These will be shipped in batches every three weeks based on priority.
Happy Buying!
Hey Everyone!
I wanted to update the poll first before we launch the second round of Chevalier Captoe Chromexcel Boots.
We will be launching them next week!
Chevalier just received more material from Horween to supply our next batch of 50 brown and a new 50 natural!
If you missed out on the last drop please jump on soon. The earlier you commit the better because this time around they will be shipping every 3 weeks based on priority of who joined first.
I will post here once launched!
Any ETA on when the natural will be up for purchase?
Wednesday. :)
Hey Everyone!
We just launched White's Boots! They are beautiful and I know you all will appreciate them.
I am offering a few different options so each boot will be unique to you. :)
Check them out:
Hey Everyone!
Just launched another amazing boot from the poll. The Oak Street Trench Boot!
Happy Buying!
Hi Everyone!
I just launched an amazing Good Year Welt Chromexcel Boot made right here in Los Angeles!
I know you guys will love them! Check them out. :)
Update from Chevalier,
In an effort to ensure smooth fulfillment and avoid material shortages, they're going to limit the first buy to 60 pairs of boots. If this goes well, we'll be glad to work with them to feature their boots on a repeating basis so hopefully this quantity limitation is only a short term problem for some of you.
Looking forward to the launch!
I am so happy this is coming through with Chevalier T_T
Update Time!
Chevalier Boots: We've been speaking with the folks at Chevalier and they're interested in listing their Captoe Chromexcell boots as quickly as possible (WINNING). Right now we're working with them to make sure everything from purchase to production is smooth and on schedule before they launch. Chevalier has said they're capable of producing 50 pairs of boots each month. Right now, Chevalier has enough natural Chromexcel and brown Chromexcel to offer them both as options in the buy.
For the first buy, it's looking like we'll limit it to 100 pairs. These boots will be manufactured specifically for our listing and fulfillment will happen on a first come first serve basis (buyer #1's boots will be made first, buyer #2's second, etc). Pricing is difficult given the shipping cost associated with importing boots from Indonesia but we're doing our best to make it as appealing as possible. Look for this buy sometime in the next seven days and hopefully you're one of the first 100 to join : )
Wolverine: We're talking with them now. At this point they're on the fence but hopefully they decide to work with the Massdrop community soon. We'll keep you informed as the story develops.
Viberg: We spoke with them, they're not interested in working with the community. That said, it's often hard for companies to understand how many Massdrop members are interested in their products, especially when they're a top option in a poll close to 2000 votes. In the past, when a company is having a hard time understanding the magnitude of our community's interest, members have contacted those companies directly via twitter, facebook, and email. It's easy to say no to someone on the phone, it's harder to say no to a couple hundred potential customers tweeting at you.
Red Wing: We're in contact with Red Wing and things are looking good. Nothing final yet but we're speaking with the right people at Red Wing and hopefully we'll have more to report soon.
This poll has been a huge success, you should all be proud. You picked exceptionally high quality products from largely unknown companies (Chevalier is EXACTLY the kind of company who can benefit most from a Massdrop listing), you gathered a ton of votes VERY quickly (gives us a mandate to contact your top choices ASAP), and now you'll get to join a buy for your #1 choice within the next few days.
If you keep making polls like this, we'll keep sourcing your products as rapidly and frequently as possible.
Any one know how the sizing is on the Chevalier?
Wolverines (including Rockfords) are marked down on Amazon all the time. Even right now a lot of sizes are $311 (down from $395), so you won't get much additional discount if they're Massdropped. I gave my first pick to the Chevaliers, the shape of the last makes them really stand out and apparently they're willing to offer a pretty significant discount.
Added the Chevalier Captoe Chromexcel boots from Indonesia
Christ, those Daltons are sexy.
The Red Wing Beckman's are as bareju pointed out actually Iron Rangers imaged. I added the actual Iron Rangers to the vote.
Get those black Wolverines with the red soles up there!
FYI, Alden never discounts their products and I'm pretty sure Viberg doesn't do group orders or offer discounts.
Viberg does group MTO now, but don't think they'll discount. Agreed about Alden
true, also don't think massdrop is willing or able to handle the logistics of providing a viberg group MTO.
Thanks for posting the Redwing. They rock. The proven winner as far as quality and durability goes.
The picture actually appears to be Iron Rangers, since it has speedhooks and a captoe, and the sole is not stacked.
I really love the wolverine Rockford's
Yea but you can get those cheap all the time.