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sorry everyone lol i would do this if i didnt already work for vans XD good luck though!!! FYI usually in a normal size run in stores for mens are M 6.5-13. Only selected styles can come in 14, 15, 16 unless ordered online. Also if you do want a more comfortable fit check out the California collection. Ortholight insole makes them more comfortable. And if you guys plan on getting slip on's go a half size down it will fit better. Hope this helps!! Good Luck!!!
Any news?
Any way to get a 13 wide? Just curious but judging from the other comment, it seems like it is up to the manufacturer's discretion.
omg, we're at 202 votes!
Here's Vans' shoe sizing chart.
is there any way MD can source shoes up to size US14/15?
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Hey guys, thanks for all of the votes. We'll reach out to Vans and get back to you with our progress.
If it's still relevant, multiple colors would be nice.
Feel free to add your own :)