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The results of this poll make me want to puke
just realised that this poll is old af why hasn't it dropped jet and why was it on the top of my home page???
it hurts my insides that MVMT is so overrated 🤢
Can anyone add the mesh strap Brathwait automatic? I like mesh haha
when does the poll end??
lol, Im 100% sure those likes for movement are by bots
Oh, God. Please don't.
But but, what about grovemade?
I constantly hear bad reviews of MVMT watches they look good on paper and in pictures but seems the quality is not there in most reviews. I have had Seiko and Citizen watches that have been great and I have heard great things about Orient. I get people like @dekket who made a mistake and own it but how is it so many people put things that are clearly out of the catagory on these polls I see this everywhere and too often to be lots of simple mistakes. People need to pay more attention to what they are doing and where they are.
@dekket I am not making any digs at you we all make honest simple mistakes.
sigh. I forgot which category I was in and added the Speedometer Analog Watch from Tokyoflash to Minimalist watches... And there's no way to remove..?
Junghans Meister Kalendar!!
Why isn't the Grovemade wooden watch listed?
People vote for mvmt this is the end of the human race... Also, there are chronographs on this list (god knows how), but I don't even mind chronos since I've seen the GOLD-BLUE INVICTA... Also, no minimalist list is complete without the Junghans Max Bill...
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everything except the looks fit and finish is crap quality is abysmal horrendous customer support and the worst part is how the site is rigged towards only accepting "good reviews" and they delete anything that "hurts" their reputation
MVMT looks cool, but I've discovered Seiko automatics now...
Why is Enclave not ahead of MVMT on this list? I'd like to see another manufacturer offer sapphire crystal for 115 msrp
They need to do the brathwait automatic
Brathwait Auto also has my vote!
MSRP $457.
I have to say the Orient Bambino is one of the more affordabe and well made watches on this list. Only $260 for an in house Automatic movement, beautiful design, Japanese made, incredibly reliable and water resistant - these movements will go 20 years without a service! plus being an auto - it has sweeping hands, date window and domed glass! win win.
A crap Chinese quartz over an in house automatic! People, do some research before you vote! Haha
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are mvmt watches bad quality? sorry dont know much about watches
They're of poor quality and sells at a premium price which you could've afford an entry level but very reliable automatic watches.
Most, if not all of the "good" reviews of MVMT watches are reviews by non-watch enthusiasts and are most likely paid reviews as well.
I'm no enthusiast as well but I surely won't trust reviews by non-enthusiasts.
plus the MVMT is NOT a bauhaus... looks kind of cheap anyway. In fact a bunch of these look cheap and dont really fit into this category.
MVMT are not worth the money, super cheap quartz.
right??? you want amazon crap go pay for it on amazon...its already cheap
How did the Movado museums not make the list? If you want a beautiful minimalist watch, that's the first one to spring to my mind.
Hello. So any updates. Will happen?
Citizen stiletto is godawful. PVD bracelet is just asking fit trouble.
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my eco drive is amazing..really want that stiletto, its the one i wish they had when I bought mine originally
PVD cases are fine, it's just that bracelets get scratched and can never be repaired. With PVD, all the scratches stick out like sore thumbs. If those kinds of things bother you then a Citizen stiletto will drive you nuts.
And don't get me wrong, I own 2 Citizen watches. Not knocking the brand, I just don't think PVD bracelets r ever a good idea
Any updates on this one?
Is this drop not happening then? The last comment was one month ago and nothing has happened since.
Soo, has anyone from Massdrop contacted MVMT yet?