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Now Available!

Thanks to seijasm for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Rancourt & Co. Baxter Ranger-Moc available.

IanDrop Buyer

Rancourt & Co. Baxter Ranger-Moc

Rancourt & Co. Baxter Ranger-Moc

Any news on a Rancourt and Co. drop? I'd love a pair of Baxter Ranger Mocs.
If you're interested in a pair of Baxter mocs, you should keep a very close eye on the site in the next two weeks or so...
Great news! Thanks!
Hey guys,
We are still talking with Rancourt, Quoddy and Oak Street about arranging a drop in the future. Hang tight!
Hey guys,
Thank you for your votes and interest in this poll.
We have contacted the top picks from this poll. We are currently discussing drops with Oak Street and Rancourt. However, these potential drops will be next year because they have both sold their stock for the remainder of this year. Cheers!
Hi all,
We're still working on the top voted options. We'll keep you in the loop with our progress.
Hi Everyone!
Thank you for voting in this drop!
We are working with Rancourt and OSB for another drop, hopefully in July and August.
I will keep updating as I know more.
Eastland makes poor quality shoes.
Rancourt is by far the best mix of quality and price. Chromexcel with camp moc sole is going to be the most versatile.