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And the result of the call was... ?
Okay, looks like it's time to make that call. But seriously, don't hold your breath...
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Yeah, but an update from Massdrop one way or another would be nice.
Hey @Lebowski -- No response yet. Again, I will keep trying but this is highly unlikely.
the 149 would be really sweet!
Don't know, but if they do it, I'm in. We need 80 more votes before they will contact MB.
Thanks for voting. It would be sweet if MB would do a drop for one or more of these pens. Anyone know if Montblanc has participated with Massdrop before?
Hey @Lebowski -- We haven't worked with Montblanc before, but we'd love to make this happen.
It has been suggested to me that being able to offer any of their pens at less than MSRP is unlikely, but I am happy to reach out and see what happens once we have 200+ votes.
Thanks for starting this poll, we'll do what we can to make this possible.