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While the aerons do look nice and introduced son great ideas to office chair design, theres more comfortable chairs even in Herman Millers own lineup. If it does win and turn into a drop, at least offer the larger sizes as well. I'm a fairly average size guy and the smaller Aerons just dont work for me. I do feel like there is a more appropriate category though. If posted elsewhere I'd add the Humanscale Freedom to the list.
I kind of doubt an Aerons(or any herman miller chair) will become a drop. Also they already do sales about 2 times a year I think. I know I've seen them on sale around xmas(when I got mine)...I don't remember for how much, but with how expensive they are even a small percent is a lot. I was the same with the smaller sizes, the shop I ordered from goofed up and got the medium size which fits but the top would hit my shoulder blades if I recall correctly. Luckily they did take it back and re-order in the large, which is nice since it offers more room to move around, lean to the side and what not.
I actually was considering the Freedom chair, but I tried it in the same shop I got my Aeron from and the one gripe I had was the inability to adjust the weight for leaning back, it was too light for me.