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these aren't pro audio/dj headphones. Only the V-Modas are lol
OVER THE EAR IS NOT THE SAME AS IN THE EAR. Also HD 280s are super uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time. DT770s are the bomb for music work. MDR 7506 awesome for audio editing.
Audio Technica has always served me well.
and... many of these are decidedly not Pro... but maybe better placed in the Audiophile category. When I think Pro Over Ear, I'm thinking DJ/recording (which want closed headphones with good isolation).
I suppose mixing could use open back cans... but again this poll is comparing apples to oranges
Wow... this poll is all over the board... does Massdrop have moderators? Why are IEM's included in an Over Ear Headphone poll?
And some thought to pricepoint is a good idea. Polling $100 cans vs $500+ cans is somewhat pointless...
Sennheiser HD650 MSRP is 499.95 NOT $339!!
Hd600 are cheaper and rated neck and neck with the HD 650. HD 600 has a better frequency response curve.
Voting for HD280s cause I need more for home recording. Great headphones to use for the recording process.
The HD280s aren't bad for $100, but they have a very deep roll of after 10khz. They won't represent the high frequency range very well at all (glass breaking, etc). Could be an issue depending what you are recording.
Frequency response curves for many different headphones:
Im owning a pair of HD280 Pro and i love It. Comfortable, noise cancelling alot, sound quality is very good. You don't need an AMP to drive it. Very good Closed Back Headphone !
I've used a pair the Sennheiser HD280 headphones for DJing for the past 7 years or so. They've been fantastic. Very comfortable and rather durable. I see a lot of folding headphones break at their hinges and these have never even cracked. The padding has begun to pull out and the sound quality is beginning to deteriorate, but I do beat the hell out of them and use them for hours nearly every day. I swear by Sennheiser. I have a pair of the HD439s at work and earbuds for the gym. All are very comfortable, sound fantastic, and are relatively cheap for their quality.