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Mission Workshop bags are the best bags I have ever owned. .... I may be able to get them involved. Reach out to me if you'd like an in.
After much research, Tom Bihn and Goruck are the best IMO, Minaal is also solid as well as Mission Workshop and Arcteryx products. I ended up buying an Aeronaut 30 and I could not be much happier, but would still buy a GR for an EDC bag.
Ditto (above).
Please vote for the GR packs!
Hey guys,
I have contacted Mission Workshop and GoRuck but haven't heard anything back as of yet. It might be because they are swamped with the Holiday season.
I'll touch base with them again and give you guys another update.
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Haha blast from the past :)
At the time when this poll was made, Mission Workshop wasn't interested in working with us. I'll ask our Commerce team to give it another shot and see what we can do.
Ya, I really like their bags.
I think it is really unfair to have top two Mission bags (Sanction 20L and Fitzroy 40L) with very different capacities and purposes. I am so torn.
Hey guys,
Thanks for voting.
I am going to get in touch with Mission Workshop and GoRuck again. We'll keep you updated about how it goes.
Hopefully the GoRuck GR1 or GR2 can get some love!
I really hope the GORUCK GR2 becomes available. It's the perfect for traveling since it's the biggest possible airline carry-on size, and it's super durable.
The Fitzroy is the VX right? The product link goes to the VX Fitzroy, but Misson also makes a the regular Fitzroy.