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LCD-2 | Audeze Best Headphones on the planet.
on the planet.
HD 600 without a shadow of doubt!
voting 800 over 800s smh, seriously too many idiots on this site.
also 650/660s are already have a drop. they are called 6xx/58x
I hate when polls get over run by people submitting 3 of the same product. Seriously why are there 3x HD 800 option lmao I really want MD to give us a more affordable HD 800s
I have an gaming audio fever and the only cure is GSP600.
Hard to imagine FOCAL CLEAR on Massdrop below 1200, but if they did, I would buy immediatly :) else I'll get closed with shure 1540 ...
Obviously have to vote for the new HD 660 S
Sennheiser HD8 DJ over the HD7 Better Headphone overall in my opinion. Vote for the HD8 DJ's
No love for the discontinued PX 100-II? ☹️
800S, not the 800
i have the 650s...personally i find them boring...would rather spend more dough and get better more updated SQ advances...800s, fostex th900, mr speakers ether flow...
I can find each item with Low price from here. One of my friend recommended me this place. But it's junk. Very high prices here. Can't believe people are buying with these prices. If a person come here to find Low price, then if he struggle anywhere else. he will find way more cheaper than here. I am not in here . . .
Classic Massdrop newbies and spoiled kids, let's not start our own poll and put what we want in a specific poll. Start a Hi-Fi Man poll, kid. You'll get more attention there than on a Sennheiser poll.
The HD 650s sound better that the HD 800s you idiots.
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Well, you weren't wrong. :) I think Tyll at did a good job explaining the properties of the 800's. They are great for recording engineers who need to hear every little detail of their recordings. If your enjoyment of music is derived from analyzing every note played, in classical pieces for example, then with the right amp your gonna love them. For everyone else who wants to jam to some pop, rock, or edm, they are going to fatigue you after a while of listening, especially on the high end (read: treble) and will lack the low end slam and boom quantities that make those genre's fun.
If you're willing to spend serious $$$ on a set of cans, and want that fun musicality and soulful experience, get the HiFiMan HE560 (if you have a good amp), the Sony Z7's, Sennheiser HD650, or Audeze LCD 2... or heck, save yourself a boat load of cash and go with the AudioTechnica ATH m50x.
imo the 650s are as many cans have surpassed them.
I think for now, HD800S makes more sense. As people want HD800 most likely got them, and people want HD800S will sell their HD800 second hand. Not much point to get it new anymore.
HD800 at $800 would see a lot of action. Would be nice to see HD800S as well, but that's probably years down the road unfortunately.............
Yo, Im a big sennhieser fan I have a set of G4me Zeros but I also want a set of 558's or some HD DJ8's . I will get them as long as there $250 or lower since that Im not made of money :D
Make HD800 happen please. In for sure at $900, maybe $950.
I'd be in for a pair of HD800s, but only below US$800. They just have too much real competition these days to justify paying any more than that when I already own several decent 'phones. At their full RRP I'm just not interested at all. I'd be looking at planars or custom IEMs instead.
I picked up Hifiman HE-X V2s on the used market for $900. Local seller. For me, they are the perfect balance of clarity and musicality. Above average bass, huge soundstage (close, but not HD800 huge). Easy to drive, comfortable, and are great at everything (music, gaming, movies). I'll be pairing it with the Smyth Research A16 when it's released, hopefully December.
They're a great option that many overlook, but shouldn't. I've been to large local meets and the HE-X stole the show for a good portion of the crowd. The HE-1000 is awesome, but too revealing and power hungry. HE-X is great at Rock, classical, jazz, rap, etc. I have other headphones with more bass (TH-X00 Ebony and M1060 modded).
I want to see the HD598 go for $145CAD or lower. That was the lowest from
I'm not holding my breath for the HD800 drop. I can't see massdrop pricing them below $950. I'm sure a lot of users will buy them at this price, but I won't be one of them.
Hard to imagine them selling the HD800 on Massdrop for $999, but if they did, I would buy them immediately.
Why? They were already available from buysonic for $999 recently in very high quantities. I thought everyone interested in them at that price point would've grabbed them already. I think you can still find them for cheaper than $999 right now. A truly newsworthy price would be below $900. They were only below $900 once on Amazon a few years ago, to my knowledge.