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At this point I would not buy from them like at all even if they came around to it eventually which they won't, I'm sure.
I too am begging for the Leopold again. I might have to order from EK :S
I want the Fc660c so bad. The others look too old for me or are too small.
What about the Type Heaven and FC660C? Does EK have exclusivity on those boards too?
Uh oh, I just ordered a HHKB from EK D:<br /><br />Is there a drop imminent?
atm were @606 people ready to save...
If this ever goes through with the HHKB Pro 2, I'd be on it so fast for any discount.
Any news about this?
Really hope this goes through.
We must be getting somewhat close.
Is this going to happen?
How about any updates at all?
Any updates regarding the HHKB?
elitekeyboards will never let us do this.
I'm not sure about you guys, but the USB hub really puts me off HHKB boards. Very out of place IMHO.
I used it for a mouse. Keeps from having two cables running to the computer
It's not that bad if you plug in a USB drive here and there. It isn't powered, so you cannot plug in a mouse or phone (a good one). However, the keyboard is f*cking amazing otherwise.
I like how the Leopold has delete and arrow keys; I'd love to see it on my desk.
Decently priced FC660C with international shipping would be awesome. However, I'm a bit worried about the USA, because EliteKeyboards are the only official vendor there, and who knows if EK's Brian would approve this.
I have a HHKB Pro 2 here on my desk and I want another one for use at home. :)
Same story here!
All topre boards use pbt caps except the space bar. I think a topre board would be better because it'll let people get an expensive board cheaper, versus a relatively cheap board cheaper.
Any update? is the HHKB out of the question?
I could probably get used to the layout but any idea what kind of caps come with the Leopold FC660c? Looks like maybe laser-infilled PBT?
I think I read somewhere that the Leopold FC660C uses PBT keycaps
I'm sure all topre keyboards use PBT keycaps
Everyone should change their votes over to the Leopold FC660C. It will be more affordable than the rest of the Topre keyboards
Changed my vote to FC660C, IMO will represent better value than the alternatives (that said i have 2 87u :p)
I really want to try the Leopold FC660C. I've had the HHKB Pro 2 and I currently own the Realforce 87U 45G and that's overall a pretty nice keyboard. The only thing I've had before that was made by Leopold was their 104 key cherry red and it just felt weird. Hope this one is of better build!
+1 for Leopold FC660C! Nice layout, topre switches, cheaper keyboard. A winner!
A blank HHKB white version would be very nice. But if we ever get a buy on the HHKB dark grey version, please blank keycaps.
Any way we could get a Leopold FC660C? The demand would be insane.
We've contacted our suppliers asking about the realforce keyboards and are waiting for a follow up to discuss pricing and terms. It's still not clear if they're willing to work with the group or not, but we'll follow up once we have a better answer.
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How about The Keyboard Co. from the UK? They also stock Realforce keyboards and have always seemed far more approachable and reasonable.
This sounds like bullshit. We've done dozens of massdrops with companies that actually care about their customers and nobodys complained.
I don't see this poll getting any more votes any time soon seeing as it's off the main voting page and the home page.