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Hey everyone,
Thanks for voting! Unfortunately, we can't source Schiit products because their structure doesn't allow for additional discounts on top of their already competitive pricing.
This poll seems a bit Schiit.
Schiit doesn't do discounts. Their markups are like 30%. they make more on shipping then anything.
I live in Australia and thought schiits shipping wasn't too bad from their site. For fedex express it was only going to be $80 with the magni n modi combo. Where as an Australian site had it for $350 free postage (from schiit was $280 inc postage). But i agree they won't do any discounts.
Schiit polls have won in the past, but still didn't get carried.
Schiit Audio probably won't go for this. I don't think they have the capacity to fulfill a bulk order like this relatively quickly.
The poll is created kind of wonky, hard to tell the name of the item we are voting for.
Tried to fix it but couldn't seem to get it working. It wouldn't let me edit the product titles. I think it's an issue with the Schiit website.
Schiit are against sales, they won't go for this.