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Now Available!

Thanks to CherryDee for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Janome DC2014 Sewing Machine available.

SandyDrop Buyer

Janome DC2014 Sewing Machine

Janome DC2014 Sewing Machine

For a current review of the Brother CS6000i, listen to Knitting Pipeline Podcast, episode 209. You can listen here, plus see written notes on this sewing machine:
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singer quantum stylist 9960
The only good Singer is an old Singer. Love my featherweight but any of the new ones are not very good for real sewing.
I have a Singer HD 5532 and it's a beast. I sew multiple layers and leather on it. It's absolutely been an A+ new singer. I used to think old all metal straight stitch singers were the only way to go but the 5532 is totally awesome.
Hi All,
We are actively sourcing sewing machines from vendors that want to work with our community. We hope to have a drop for you guys in the very near future!
Sandy, Have you tried a dealer. I would think they would love having an order of 300 plus machines. I see one dealer has it for sale 1099. I need a price lower than that. I bet there is a 50 % markup on these machines.
I have a Janome DC2012 which is almost identical to the 2013. I love the machine. It works well, is easy to use, and has more decorator stitches than I will ever use. I used Singers for years and this is so much better.
Is there an update on the 2010q Juki? would love to see it or the TL2000 listed here on Massdrop
I own the Juki 2010Q, and couldn't be happier with it. It does beautiful free motion quilting, as well as straight-stitching through heavier and layered fabrics with ease. Highly recommended!
I have been wanting this machine for two years, the best value for machine quilting. Won out over Bernina 700's for harp size and price point.
Hi all, I've been talking with Juki about listing the 2010q on our site. They have not yet committed, but I'll update you as soon as I get a definite answer from them. This is an awesome machine, I own one.
Any update on this item since your last post?
Patricia Doyle
The 2010q juki is a workhorse. They have surpassed the 200 votes and I assume are at the manufacturer for prices now. Check out this machine. They only go back an forward, they do have som decorative stitches, but are a great, great machine. You will not have trouble sewing leather. Make sure you use the correct needle. If you are reupholstery car seats as a living, not sure if they have special machines for that purpose. Hope this helps. I love mine. I have two and may buy a third.
What can be used with leather ?
I own the Brother 60-Stitch Computerized Machine, it is okay but after 5 years I'm looking to upgrade to something with better consistency and accuracy.
These are some of the best cost efficient sewing machines on the market; does anyone know of any others?