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Now Available!

Thanks to Themarker0 for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Auralex Wedges available.

SeanDrop Buyer

Auralex Wedges

Auralex Wedges

bass traps especially needed.
These are about to be dearly needed in my new hardwood apartment. Help me, Massdrop, you're my only hope.
I need these.
Drop soon please!!!
We are working vigorously to bring soundproofing and acoustic treatments to the pro audio community. Please continue to vote and post in the discussion board. I hope to have an update and good news soon.
1000 votes! These vendors don't realise there are wallets just waiting at the ready.
so whats the price atm ?
Any update on this? Well over 300 votes already.
I emailed them a few days back. They said they've tried but have found no one wanting to drop so far. But they are still looking. :<
Finally at 200. Interested to see what happens with this.
Really? It shows me at 299 right now. I'm not super hopeful for this drop. Part of me doesn't think it'll really drop much if at all.
I really hope no one is mistaking acoustic foam for actual soundproofing here... Acoustic foam panels are for adjusting the sound of a room, primarily by removing residual resonance within it. Not for sound proofing anything.
Here's a blog post on the subject:
Please buy intelligently, and don't get sucked into buying 'audiophile' things that you don't actually need or benefit from.
I just want it as it looks great as some wierd deco stuff on the wall...
Perhaps I could've worded it better as audio dampening or something, I agree it's a tad misleading.
Oh god yes! I have had these on my wishlist for years, but could never bring myself to pay the bend-over prices for them. Knowing that they would be discounted in a group-buy would make me buy them!
Also, get yourself a set of T-Pins if/when this is successful. Some people have had issues using adhesives with this but T-Pins have worked perfectly.