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Now Available!

Thanks to JonasHeineman for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Stipula Passaporto Original Reproduction available.

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Stipula Passaporto Original Reproduction

Stipula Passaporto Original Reproduction

Hey everyone -- We just got final word that production is possible and we are go for launch!
Everyone who voted in this poll should get an email announcing that we'll be launching this drop tomorrow morning - Friday, May 29th - at 6:00 AM (PST). Thanks for making this happen!
Hey everyone, here's a fun fact I wanted to share as we move forward:
Massdrop members voted for approximately 50% Fine, 30% Italic, and 20% Medium nib sizes.
As compared to the global sales history for this pen, that's almost exactly the same portion going to Fine, but opposite percentages of Medium and Italic.
One other thing, I think there is a good chance that many of us will end up buying more than one color for presents to loved ones like I plan on doing so hopefully they will make all three of the colors as I would buy a clear one for myself and a red one for a present, both with the Italic .9mm nibs. I don't know if that's taken into consideration in the polling for colors that would be considered viable as I notice the blue and red one are the least favorites however would probably be part of multiple pen purchases.
What size nib will this Passaporto take? If it's a standard (I realize that's subjective as nib manufacturer's sizes vary somewhat) #5 or #6 then it would (might) be possible to change out the nib with another manufacturer's nib if they didn't make enough Italic nibs which is the nib I really want in the clear version.
I have one of these in fine and love the nib- crisp fine line, some variation with gentle pressure- but be aware that if you use this pen as an eyedropper it will take months of regular use before it runs dry. At least the cap seals very well. If you're the kind of person who wants to change inks frequently, consider voting for a broader nib.
Or dumping back into the bottle and rinsing out a lot :)
I would like to see different sizes nib, but I guess this poll will tell how many of them THEY make available at the final count. I don't foresee them doing all of one nib size. I mean, does not make any business sense. IMO. Lets say the poll says 60%, 20%, 20% (F, M, I) that is what they will manufacture. So we are giving them a very valuable info.
I'll understand if Stipula can only produce one colour - but I'd be a little disappointed if they didn't offer some alternatives when it comes to nib sizes. Is this a possibility?
Hi @Jamerelbe -- If I understand your question correctly: yes, multiple nib sizes will be offered.
This poll will not determine IF multiple sizes are made, but HOW MANY of each size are made.
Any word on pricing?
Hey @Dittobox, great question. Here's what I can tell you re: pricing.
The MSRP of the recently-discontinued Passaporto, with less-desirable revisions, was $105, and we have seen limited editions of this model selling for $125.
We're doing our best to get the best price for the community, and we think we can make this happen for $80 per pen or less. This has gotten really strong support right away, and we hope to have some good news for everyone soon.
Almost 250 members have requested that we re-launch a drop for the Stipula Passaporto, but unfortunately, it is a discontinued pen. However, we have been speaking with the vendor and they wanted to do something special for the Massdrop writing community!
Not only will Stipula make the Passaporto available again, they are going to bring back the original version of the pen which has some key advantages over subsequent revisions:
* Metal threading on barrel for secure closure (instead of plastic) * Threading on back for secure posting of cap (instead of bare) * More reliable single-piece grip section (instead of two pieces) * Turned on a lathe for greater strength (instead of injection-molded)
To make this happen, we'll need to setup a production run of at least 500 pens - and we need your help to gauge the community's interest in the pen, as well as the color and nib size preferences.
Thanks for voting! If you didn't choose your favorite Passaporto color, please vote here: