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Now Available!

Thanks to Kevin for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Aurifil 50WT Tappo Studio Assortment available.

SandyDrop Buyer

Aurifil 50WT Tappo Studio Assortment

Aurifil 50WT Tappo Studio Assortment

It would be great to run this again soon. I know of quite a few people that would jump at the deal you all just got.
We'll be launching more Aurifil later this week, we're just waiting for our next Liberty of London order to arrive to do them both at the same time :)
Thanks for all of your votes. I'm happy to say that we've put together a custom 6-spool bundle of popular Aurifil basics. You can find it right here!
What would everybody prefer, individual spools/cones or a whole kit/set?
Would love the option of individual spools--I'd really like to get some browns, navy and darker greys!