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Now Available!

Thanks to TolarianCommunityCollege for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the UG Twin Flip 'n' Tray Case 200+ (2-Pack) available.

DavidDrop Buyer

UG Twin Flip 'n' Tray Case 200+ (2-Pack)

UG Twin Flip 'n' Tray Case 200+ (2-Pack)

I feel aaron cain is a more premium product and since there are no middlemen in its retail getting a discount on them would be impossible. Also even mass ordering them won't help since all of them are handmade products which are made with care and not factory made by the thousands
I hope this actually happens.
I picked Aaron. His switchblade deckbox is very cool and unique.
Yea, Wyrmwood came in next and it would be rad if massdrop supported them.
Any updates?
I picked aaron's because his boxes are amazingly georgeous and they can be customized, all that in a very "natural" look
Hi folks, thanks for the tremendous support in this poll. I spoke with Aaron Cain today about his amazing deck boxes. Unfortunately, Aaron has a massive backlog of custom work to be done for existing orders and needs to focus on those orders for the foreseeable future. We will definitely stay in touch and up to date with his boxes.
If you are interested in his custom work, I encourage you to check out his facebook page and place an order for one of these beauties.
Any word on Wyrmwood?
I agree with the wyrmwood deck boxes. I'm a big fan of the professors purple heart box. I'd like to get one with a similar color. maybe with the TCC Logo etched into the lid, or the front side :D
how do we buy the boxes from this site
Aaron Cain is the man! I've picked up 3 commander-sized side loading deck boxes from him so far, and every one has been spectacular. Sleek, simple, and classy. Also glad to say Aaron himself is a really cool guy. Very helpful and thorough in laying out all the options for customizing your box. I highly recommend that you spring for flocking on the interior.
I love the Wyrmwood boxes, but I feel as if I could lose the top of the deck box, and yet I enjoy the simplistic design of them. I wouldn't mind seeing a different design in how it opens and might be asking abit much and would be better off sticking with a faux leather Ultrapro deck box if I'm going to be that picky. The Aaron Cain boxes I feel are amazing as well and really I've nothing to pick at with their intricate designs, but it's not something that completely describes me even though I want one. Now, Leifkicker on the other hand is my absolute top choice because the designs are just wicked to me and I seriously like the magnetic closing lids. The Orzhov deck box is my favorite, even though I'm a Bant player, and my only pitfall with this is that I am a Bant player and I want a deck box that describes that instead of a dual colored one like the Rakdos, the Orzhov skull, or the mono colored green themed one. I do like the Rachet bomb one as well, but it's not to my style. I like the over the top, ornate, and grandiose flare of the skulls and such.
Leifkickers is my top pick, i would love to see what a Vraska themed box would look like
Love Aaron Cain's simple, elegant design. Wyrmwood looks interesting if a bit basic. Leifkicker is just too dark for my taste.
My only concern, with all of these is the availability. I know that some can be shipped overseas, and thats a good thing. In Australia we are still limited to very few choices and those particular choices are way more expensive than what you would pay in the US. I've come down to designing my own wooden deck box and making it myself. Thats how desperate i am for one of these products.
My number one pick is Aaron Cain's deck boxes. While all 3 of them look to be extremely well made and a great tribute to the respective artist, Aaron's just has the cleanest and most dignified look. If I could afford any of them, it would be something from him. My next choice is Wyrmwood. The only thing that sets Aaron's slightly above Wyrmwood is the Wyrmwood clasp. Although I am sure it is highly functional, and probably even more functional than Aaron's, it doesn't look quite as nice. The one that I would never buy, even if I could afford it is the Leifkicker deck boxes. While they do look extremely durable and the artistry is fantastic, I am not the kind of person that would display a work of Albrecht Dürer in my home. If I were to display a painting, I would choose something more along the lines of a painting from Willard Metcalf instead but Dürer is famous for a reason and obviously some people like his work. He obviously had an incredible amount of talent.
As for right now though, I have to stick with something like Legion's Iconic Deckbox as that is more along the lines of what I can afford.