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Now Available!

Thanks to unregistered19 for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Bottlehead Crack + Speedball Upgrade Amp Kit available.

DannyDrop Buyer

Bottlehead Crack + Speedball Upgrade Amp Kit

Bottlehead Crack + Speedball Upgrade Amp Kit

Is the Bottlehead Crack/Speedball not available for Massdrop? I've seen it in most of these tube amp votes but haven't seen a drop.
I just added the Little Dot I+ into the vote, since it's the only one who powers low impedance headphones enough (800mW @ 32 ohms), after this the 9er is the most powerful at 32ohms with 250mW Everybody should know this: All LD amps are made for high impedance headphones, except the LD I+
The Aune T1 is in fact no tube amp, it uses the tube as a buffer after the DAC. The DAC and AMP are solid state. BUT it delivers the "tube sound" and tube rolling has a big effect
Id love to get my hands on a Schiit Lyr :D
Just go to their website, because you will never see it on here.
Any updates, Steve?
Another update: We're back in contact with Little Dot and we were told that they're having part shortages for the MK IV, however the MK III is definitely on the table. We're ironing out details and are waiting for their response. We should have more info within the week. In the meantime, feel free to post any thoughts or questions that you have here.
Any updates on ld mk iii drop ?
Why are the tubes exposed that way? Is that mainly for aesthetics to show the components?
It also helps keep things cool. Tube amps get very warm.
Any word on the MK IV? Also, would you guys consider an option for the MK IV SE? I am still definitely interested in this even with long shipping times.
Same here. I was planning on getting the MKIV SE as I already have the MK II and want something even more special. EDIT: I added the MKIV SE to the polling options! Edit your choices people!
Just an update - as of now we can get any item from the Little Dot line up but the price is comparable to the current ebay price. The biggest factor is shipping cost - these things are 3.5kg each. We're looking into shipping via sea freight which will save a lot on cost, but will add 2-3 weeks of shipping time. Our goal is to get this up either way very soon so be sure to let us know your thoughts.
Just added the Alo Continental V3 which boasts suitability with full-sized headphones and sensitive IEMs. It's an enclosed tube amp, where the earlier versions are highly regarded.
Aune T1 is an excellent Amp/Dac
Aune's website is whacky - use google translate on the version it links to, don't even try the english site.
I have the MK3. Its a good amp with very specific headphones (Grado SR125 Sennheiser HD600) The lower the resistance, the wackier the response gets(IEMs, earbuds).