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No MLD packs? The Prophet is 16 Oz and the Burn is less than 1 lb.
I quite agree - ultra lite means what it says. I'm astounded the HMG Summit pack is not one of the top choices.
The packs from the following companies don't belong in this poll due to weight: Mystery Ranch, Deuter, and Gregory. The Kelty PK50 is 50L, so, clearly it fails the math. The Minimal Backpack is probably not what most people think of for a sub 40L pack. But the other 9 packs look awesome and provide some actual useful comparison.
So let me get this straight. At the time of me writing this, 36 people think the dragon slayer pack is a good ultralight pack. What planet do you live on where 4 lbs 10.3 oz is considered ultralight?
I was thinking the same thing, most likely 36 people just want that pack and don't care what the poll is called. Mystery ranch makes great packs for their purpose, but they definitely aren't ultralight, basically the extreme opposite end of the industry actually.
Thank god I'm not the only one that annoys. My 75L pack weighs as much as that thing.