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First of all at least one buck knife on this list is made in China. Second why the heck is there no knives by Case?
Hmm. I will say, having owned one, the Torrent is anything but. The speed the blade deployed at was actually humorously slow. I found this to be so on a couple models I played with after selling mine. I like Benchmades, have a few, but the Torrent left me cold. Big fan of the 530/5301s and Griptilians. Would like to be able to afford some of the more expensive knives. I find the AXIS Lock to be a really great system for smooth, fast, dependable deployment. Been a long time since I've owned a Buck but always found it hard to put an edge on them, and found them more efficacious as a hammer than a knife. I used to buy one every five years or so, then remember why I sold the prior Buck. I'd love to hear that hat has changed. The Sebenzas I've handled all impressed the hell out of me. Fit, finish, and esthetic, as well as the edge. Maybe when the kids graduate college I'll buy myself one as a present for them graduating. These are just my opinions based on personal experiences. Not trying to start anything and if you disagree with me, that's cool. Please don't flame me.
Hard to vote on such a wide variety when the intended usage is a vital 'need to know' item as well as a price point. I tend to buy most of my knives from AG Russell. You then avoid the guessing game. The Benchmade Grip is well-made and been around for awhile. I also tend to favor the Kershaw and Spyderco knives. I have a Kershaw similar to the Blur on here for EDC.
BUCK Vantage Pro (0347BKS) is a BEST price\quality for US-made S30V BOS-hardened steel knives!
Funny how it is titled "USA made!! Folding Knifes" and there are some non USA made options
Man I really want the ZT 566
I hate to be the guy who does this, but knives*
But your right
there is one just labelled "benchmade" with a pic of the 940-2 - I'm going to assume this is a vote for the benchmade 940-2 ..but could someone please update this?
Aww yeah i would really love to get the 940 green reverse tanto with plain edge, it's so damn expensive here in the netherlands, about 230-270 euro...
Mmmmmm carbon fiber sandwich...
That. Spyderco is a reliable beast
Already have one manix2, but would love another!
Really like the buck pro
does any one of these knives ship to australia? is there any cheap, reliable and easy way for an australian to get a knife?
I don't know about import laws in your home country but, I buy Scandavian axes out of Finland and have shipped pocket knives to the EU before without much hassle (have to do a customs declaration in the US Post Office).
Skyline! Beautiful knife.