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Hey everybody, graphics cards are really expensive to make and it's impossible to get good prices on them. Places like newegg make ~15% profit selling them at full price. Anything lower is newegg purposely losing money to get you onto their site and purchasing other items. Right now graphics cards are not a viable product for Massdrop. Still, thanks for making the poll and voting. This is what Massdrop possible :D
i would love a good discount on a card, I have a high end PC but yet to find a good card to compliment the 3770k...
Like we could buy enough to make this worthwhile for any of these big manufacturers... I don't know what kind of discounts you're expecting but understand most of the cost comes from the actual GPU and NOT THE COOLING ASSEMBLY.
Would love to see the super clocked 680 go up would get one for sure
Is this poll going through or what? If so when?
PNY has dodgy warranty practices; please consider this before voting!
Is this poll dead or something?