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Now Available!

Thanks for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Philips Fidelio X1 Audiophile Headphone available.

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Philips Fidelio X1 Audiophile Headphone

Philips Fidelio X1 Audiophile Headphone

KEF M500 hasn't the good pic...
And for $300 it's the best one for neutral sound, if you assume to be an audiophile (not a bass lover)
Any chance on getting the Phillips X1?
Will there be another group buy for the V Modas?
Why the hell do the bowers & wilkins p7s have so little votes
Can we get another drop soon?
Can we do a M100 drop. But properly, with proper warranty and what not?
Hello Everyone! I'm proud to announce the M100 is now available on Massdrop.
The vendor behind this listing has all three color options available so click the Join button and choose your color at checkout.
Thanks for your votes and we're looking forward to another successful Massdrop!
ATH M50's all day let's do this
any update on when exactly the m100 will be relisted?
Good News!
We've got the go ahead to re-list the M100. I'll be following up with more details but we should have the M100 scheduled to launch by the end of the month!
Awesome! Can't wait, thanks!
Is the only option white? I'd really like to get the shadow set.
Mad Dogs? Or does MrSpeakers not allow discounts?
Yea, spoke with him at a couple events. He's not interested in working with the community right now. Or as we like to say, he's not down to party.
I just put the akg k702 up for voting . Consider voting it. It has the best sound detail you can buy for under $300 bucks. Also voted the ath-m50 because I have a pair and they are great headphones, and the BD DT 880 because they have a very neutral and detailed sound in addition to probably the best directional sound accuracy you can get for gaming.
While I love the k701, q701, k702 (I have them all). I think it would be unlikely they could get a better deal than the q701s at amazon. They often sell them for like $220 or even lower. which is the best deal in high end headphones right now. I prefer the k701s to the Q701s for music but the Qs are better for movies, games, and for when you want more base.
Speaking of the Sennheiser HD800s... I'm trying to get a drop going for them. Check it out here, vote 'em up if you'd like to see them drop:
Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro!
Grado, Hifiman or Senheiser in that order. Grado's are the tits straight out of the box for rock and roll.
We'd love to run Grado but they don't make enough to support demand so there's always a shortage and our model doesn't handle that well.
so many headphones missing...
V-moda on first place? really?
I would suggest going to headphones that provide the least accessories in their package. Just got a strange feeling that some brands invest more on accessories rather than investing more on the internal construction in their headphones. Any soft pads around the headphone will eventually worn off in the future. I recommend getting a headphone instead of getting headset or headphone that comes with mic separately because they're a waste of money. Trust me, my friend bought a headset and he wasn't pleased with the headset because his voice sounds like a toad. Get an aftermarket mic like modmic or zalman clip and they solve all your voice issues.
I heard reviews that the ATH-A900x has a good overall sound balance in music, games and movies rating at $299.95 MSRP. They're comfort for some users.
Just curious.... What do you do for a living? Which headphones are you interested in? I am currently a student studying Interactive Design interested in purchasing Sennheiser HD 598.
Hey, these retail for $199.42 on Amazon. Nevermind dropping on these.
You're either talking about the M-80s or a used pair. Last I checked, they're still $299. Do you have a link?
Sennheiser HD 598, you all knew it was coming. For $250 MSRP, these fit here.
If the V-MODA M-100s win this poll do we have to get them in white or can we choose our own color?
Im leaning towards Grado/Beyer myself
While the V-Moda M-100 sounds good, if you want something comfortable for extended wear I would avoid it. It clamps hard and the earpads are also hard, which is an uncomfortable combination.<br /><br />My suggestion would be the new last year MDR-MA900 from Sony.<br /><br /><br />The Sony MDR-MA900 would be a great pick for an inexpensive audiophile headphone that would excel at both music and games (assuming you like gaming).<br /><br />The soundstage and imaging is superb because of the massive 70mm drivers. According to many people at, second only to the $1,500 Sennheiser HD800.<br /><br />It helps with games where you need to determine which direction something is coming from.<br /><br />They're also extremely light for having earpads this large, which makes them comfortable for many hours of extended wear.
I'm increasingly reading great things about this MDR-MA900 model on forums & reviews. Important to note, though, that the real 'streetprice' for them is (and almost always has been since launch) $199, and that any drop should properly reflect an appropriately sized discount from that, not the inflated MSRP.
No one is seriously comparing the MA900 to HD800, unless it's a shill or sensationalist review. The size of the drivers have nothing to do with sound quality, either. The MA900 is a fantastically comfortable and decent-sounding headphone for ~$200, but if you're looking for sound quality and not comfort there are better options in that price range alone. They also have very different usage scenarios compared to the M100 (closed/semi-portable vs extremely open and not portable at all).