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I really hope we can see this drop happen! I would love to get my hands on the White/Red keycap set!
I just spoke with Vortex and they said they are working on getting more PBT+POM white (translucent legends) sets out into the wild... I really wish that was an option for this poll, as I only care about backlightable Keysets, but I voted for black in their stead.
I just spoke with a rep from mechanical and they said that Vortex is no longer manufacturing the Blue Bi-color Double Shot PBT Keycaps. Its a very sad day...
Doubleshots with transpent labels would be nice (backlightning)
Going for ISO extras too?
I hope Massdrop can bring the non Bi-Color sets back. They had it before, but it was limited to Pink and Red only.
Please bring all the colors Massdrop. I'm really looking for a Blue Legend set.