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Nada ainda sobre o Fidelio X2?
Patiently waiting for this to hit $250 levels so I can try them out.
This seems like it is never going to work out..I mean when will it happen?? I dont think waiting for the X2 Drop is making sense anymore. Could have been great though.
A thousand votes for the Philips Fidelio X2. Are you paying attention, Massdrop?
It's already August.. is it going to happen? kinda regret not ordering the X2 from Amazon for 230$.. :(
i hope we can get a better deal, or at least that good.
Amazon offered the X2's today for $229.99 as a Prime Day deal (sold out).
Any news?..
I'm on board for the Philips X2 Fidelio. Let's make this drop happen.
Can anyone possibly shed any light on how the Philips Fidelio L1's, L2's, X1's among other Philips headphones have been successfully dropped but these haven't? Logically it doesn't make any sense. Danny says it is difficult to set anything up with them as Philips "have a weirder distribution system than some of the other audio manufacturers". With all the other drops this seems weird. Unless of course the other drops were not through Philips themselves, or Philips does not want to do a drop on the X2's (being their more flagship model). Just my thoughts on the matter.
Please help make it happen, people! ♥
Cmon massdrop! we got 1000 votes!! and we are waiting for so long.. you have to make this drop happen!
Couldn't wait any more. Not sure what the deal is with this drop. Amazon had a price dip to $249 today and I pulled the trigger.
I must have just missed that because it still says $299 for me in South Africa. Oh well I can wait. Edit: price just dropped to $267. Might have to jump on that unless we have news from Massdrop?
I've contacted Massdrop support, hopefully they get back soon enough!
Still no news from Massdrop?
This still hasn't dropped? Has the manufacturer been contacted? If there are any updates I'd really like to know.
I just could not wait for the drop. I bought them on Amazon for around $250 but if you can get them for cheaper DO NOT HESITATE and buy them right away!
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Yip, living in NZ means some hefty import duties. Really need these to get a bit closer to 200 before I can justify them. Can we get any sort of update on whether a drop is likely soon?
That's a cool pic of Tyll you have there. xD
As a South African I really hope this drop succeeds. I need a good set of cans right about now. Still sitting with my heavily modded 5 year old Samson sr850's.
Praying that these drop before July. Need a birthday treat.
we do need it!
price is now 248 $ on amazon. wish we could get a better deal
another vote for the x2's
MSRP is 300 on Amazon, what can we expect for the price to be?
Thx for info!
If this will never happen please tell us. I will look for those cans somewhere else.
Get on the stick - make this drop happen, or at least update us on the possibility and/or progress of one! There is clearly a solid demand for these cans...
GO GO GO! Drop!
I need an X2!
I've been waiting for these to drop for a month now... lets go!
Guys, Any news from Philips on the drop ?